Let me tell you guys the story of how I got into spinning. 5 years ago, I went to a small fiber festival in a nearby town with my parents. (Unfortunately, that was the only time I went to this fiber festival. They stopped having it afterwards. So sad.) I saw some different stuff, including wheel spinning, embroidery, and spindle spinning. Since my birthday was coming up, my parents bought me a spindle. I got to choose a small ball of practice fiber to go with the spindle. I picked some gray fiber. A little bit later, whilst looking at another booth, I remembered that I forgot to ask what kind of sheep it came from, so my dad went back to ask them, and they said it was Jacob wool. My first attempts to spin this fiber were terrible. I kind of missed the part about drafting, so I ended up with a hugely thick yarn about 16 yards long. I later learned how to spin better. Then I decided to try to unspin the failed Jacob wool and re-spin it properly. I pulled the loosely spun crazy-thick fibers apart into shorter pieces, which I was able so spin into a laceweight-ish yarn. I was happy, but I didn’t really know what to do with it, because it’s kind of scratchy. So it waited in my stash for a while. Then, a few weeks ago, I decided to turn the very thin single into a three ply yarn. I ended up with about 50 yards.


I didn’t really know what to make with it, but I eventually decided on a small stuffed animal.


I chose the pattern Mousie from Whimsical Little Knits, and I used some leftover Wool of the Andes sport weight for the ears tail and feet.


I had originally intended to name it Jacob after the wool, but since it has so much pink, it looks like a girl mouse, so I named her Jacobette.


I still have about half of the handspun left. I don’t know if I want to make another mouse or something else.



Fiber Festival

Yesterday my parents and I went to a fiber festival in Georgetown.

We got to see a small variety of fiber bearing animals, such as this alpaca who grunted a lot.

We also got to see double weaving, which looked like it would require too much focus and concentration for me to enjoy.

(This is possibly the same alpaca, or it might be the other one, I’m not sure.)

This is a sheep who made weird sounding noises, which I mimicked; the other people there probably thought I was strange…

We also got to see a sheep being sheared, and this is all its wool. The sheep was squirming around a lot, making it difficult for the Shearer to shear.

This is an English Angora rabbit, and it was very soft. I got some fiber from it blended with some alpaca, and after I’ve spun it (in about 4 years or so) I’ll make a hat. It’s gray with pink, and very pretty.

After the festival, we went to Cumberland Mountain State Park, because it was on the way home. This is a bridge there.

I took a picture of our shadows, because that’s fun.

I got some red lamb’s pride to make my dad a felted hat, and I got some green lamb’s pride to make myself a Talia.

I’m Just Going to Pretend That it Hasn’t Been yet Another Month Since I Last Posted.

So, first off, I finished knitting that blue sweater on my birthday.

Details are on the project page on Ravelry.

Second, I finished the Snapdragon hat, but it’s huge nd I’m afraid it’s going to look goofy it I try to wear it. I’ve thought about felting it slightly, but I haven’t yet.

Third, I finished half of the fiber that I started spinning back last fall. Well, sorta. I still need to finish plying it, but I know what I’m talking about.

Fourth, I got some yarn for my birthday. I got some Essential Kettle Dyed yarn in Ivy, and some Stroll Tonal in Blue Violet.

I plan to make a pair of Garden Gate socks out of them; I even made a swatch. Well, not a full swatch, and I didn’t block it or anything, but at least I know what it’ll look like.

Fifth, I started knitting Vivian a few weeks ago. I’ve finished the sleeves, but I probably won’t start the body just yet.

Sixth, I started knitting a sweater vest a few weeks ago. I still have to knit a few more rows before I split for the front and back. I plan to finish it before I start the body of the Vivian sweater. For some reason I can’t put up the picture of it because the computer’s being stupid.

A New Sweater

Last Tuesday, while looking up sources for my group speech, I started a new sweater because I wanted something mindless to work on whilst reading Wikipedia articles about education in various countries. It’s a top down sweater, but I wanted it to have a round yoke, kinda like the owls sweater, only top down. So I cast on some stitches (I think 90 something) and knit in twisted rib for a little while.

 Then I switched to stockinette stitch, and I increased to 242 stitches over two different rows. Then I switched to reverse stockinette stitch for a few rows, then I started a cable chart. I want this to kinda look like the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, so I’m using a similar looking closed ring cable pattern from Continuous Cables. If you’re curious, I’m using horizontal band #10. So far, I’m almost halfway done with the cable chart.

Other than that, I haven’t done anything else noteworthy. Yesterday and Saturday it was rather warm, so I did some yard work outside. Dad made me a kniddy knoddy, which is good, because my spindle is almost full (squee!) and I’ll need to wind it off soon so that I can make the second ply. Speaking of spinning, I’m doing my second speech in Speech class about spinning, so I should probably finish typing up my outline and practice a bit.