Summer Summer Fall

The fair was a couple of weeks ago, and I entered some of my knitted things and won!

Baby set- cap, sacque or sweater, and booties. Won 2nd place. I forgot to take a picture of the hat, and I already gave the set away.

Doily, didn’t win.

Scarf, didn’t win. I don’t want to sound whiny, but I really don’t understand how they judge the scarves. Last year the first and second place scarves were the exact same cable pattern. And my entrelac scarf, and another really cool looking scarf didn’t win. I don’t really get it, but it’s no big deal, because I won plenty of other things.

Socks, won first place.

Sweater, won first place.

Stole or wrap, won 3rd place.

Lady’s skirt, didn’t win, but I didn’t expect it to.

Hat, won 3rd place. Pattern is Escargot.

Toy, won 2nd place. I did weave in the ends before entering it, but this is the only picture that I have. Pattern is Big Snowy Owl.

Baby booties, didn’t win.

I entered a total of 10 items and won 6 ribbons- 2 first, 2 second, and 2 third, which is pretty good in my opinion. I won a total of $36, which is I believe the most I’ve won at the fair, even more than the year that I got best of show for my pea coat.

Unrelated to the fair, I am totally loving the slightly cooler weather that we’re having right now. Okay, it’s still pretty warm (85 right now) but compared to the murderously hot 100 degree days that we had back in June, 85 feels amazing. When I take walks in the evening, it’s kinda cool. Not quite cool enough to wear a jacket, but still kinda cool. And he other day, in the morning, I was outside reading, and I had to alternate between the shade and the sun, because it was kinda chilly in the shade. I’m calling this time of year summer summer fall, kinda like north-northwest, ya know? It’s not quite summer-fall, but it’s no longer full-blown summer, so it’s summer summer fall.

School starts back on Monday, and I guess I’m ready. I’m taking 12 hours: Advanced Nutrition, Intro to Sociology, Intro the Theater, First Aid, and Professional Development somethingorother.

I had an interview at a fast food restaurant last week, and I’m going to call them back this afternoon to follow-up. I’m not sure if I’ll get the job, because the manager said that she needed someone on Mondays, which is my busiest day, and I’m not really looking forward to filling out more applications if I don’t. If just feels like a waste of time to fill out a gazillion applications and not even get called back for an interview.

I’m making a Versatility right now, and I’m more than halfway done.

Also, the calico is a cutie pie.


Money for Knittin’

I am, for the most part, finished with my pea coat. I just need to sew on the pockets.

It’s warm, or at least it is when it’s 90 degrees outside. I’d like to hope that it’ll be warm in the winter as well.

The sleeves are too short, but that’s okay; I’ll just not fold them up. I think it turned out rather well for a garment of such magnitude, and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

I entered it in the fair, and it won (drum roll please) 1st place in its category and Best of Show for the knitted and crocheted stuff! Which won me $18. I also entered Dad’s sweater and it won 3rd place for its category, which won me $4. I also entered a hat and scarf that I made for Mom, but they didn’t win.

I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It wasn’t so bad. The nurse gave me the laughing gas, but I didn’t feel any different. Then she put on monitors for blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. I felt the blood pressure machine constrict, then I started counted the beeping noise that I was hearing. Then she put a tourniquet on my arm and then put the IV in, which hurt. After that, I remember the blood pressure machine constricting once more, then the next thing I remember doing was saying that I was cold. So, overall, the surgery wasn’t bat. Recovery is what stinks. My mouth still kinda hurts (it’s going in between discomfort and low pain), and I’m still not able to eat anything harder than macaroni. When I got home on Friday, I asked for the yarn that I had set aside on Thursday for me to use post-op. I cast on 24 stitches and kinda knitted one-handed for a little while; my arm still hurt from the IV, so the only thing I could do with my right hand was hold the needle. I knitted in plain garter stitch when I wasn’t holding ice packs to my face and while watching TV. I continued to knit on Saturday, and by noon(ish) on Sunday, I was finished.

It’s pretty, even though it’s just a tad bit tight. I really like the hodgepodge of buttons.

The yarn is this discontinued stuff called Icelandic Jewels that I got at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents in my sophomore year.

You can’t really tell, but I used sewing thread to sew on the buttons. I think I did a fairly good job matching the color.

I just love this last picture. I makes me look so goofy. It was unintentional, but that’s part of the reason why I like it so much.

I started a jacket. I’m a few inches past where I split for the arms, but this is the most recent picture that I have.

Another Post About my Week

On Friday I went to a fiber festival. We got there about an hour before it was over, so we didn’t have to pay. I got a spindle! It’s pretty. I already used up the practice roving, but it’s not very good. I’m going to practice some more on some fiberfill. Does anyone know of a website that sells inexpensive roving? I’d like to practice on something cheap, instead of mangling something expensive.

On Saturday Mom and I planted corn and Dad and I planted my carrots and cilantro. I also did a little bit of spinning and reading, and I gave Quigley a bath.

My birthday is on Wednesday! Yay! And I only have 9 more days of classes before exam week! I’m so so ready or the semester to be over with.

I have a few ideas for ka-nitting, but these are semi-good ideas, so I won’t talk about them in case I actually knit them and submit them to Knitty. I will say that one will require wool and the other will require a cotton blend.

I think I’m going to make a list of things that I would like to buy, so that when I acquire money (from saving, birthday, or if I get a job over the summer) I won’t be sitting there thinking “now, what did I want to buy?”

  • Enough Fisherman’s Woolfor my pea coat. This will probably be about 6 skeins, because I would like pockets. And maybe a hood, but that would probably require an extra skein. Depending on sale prices and coupons, anywhere from $32.40 to $54.
  • The pattern for my pea coat. $7.
  • Enough yarn for Pioneer. I’ll either use Knitpicks Shine Sport or Yarn Bee Snowflake. ‘Bout $20 either way.
  • A brown leather belt. I have my eye on a few. This one’s $14.95 and these two are each $29.50, which I think is just a little bit expensive.
  • A wallet. $15.
  • A new pair (or two) of the best flip flops in existence. I got some last year and I wore them all the time, but they broke after a short life of only 3 months. I thought that they didn’t make them anymore, but they do. $6.50
  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. $9.71

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff, such as music Cd’s, roving, random skeins of yarn, and the like. I guess I should start on my homework or do laundry. Bye.