To Done List

Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope yours was nice! Mine was; I got a lot accomplished, so I’m going to type out everything that I did this long weekend, kinda the opposite of a to do list, this is a list of what I’ve already done.

Start making worsted weight mittens: A week or so ago, I went on a hayride, and I was wearing my mirror mittens, but my hands were still kinda cold, so I said that I should make some medium weight mittens, so that I could have something in between thin sock yarn mittens and bulky huge mittens. So I started making some striped mittens yesterday evening.

Yup, that’s right, I’ve knit everything except the thumb on one mitten. Ah, that sounds too braggy. I should add that I didn’t have anything important to do today, and I have kinda small hands, so that’s why it went by so quick. Don’t feel bad if you’re a slow knitter, usually I am too.

It kinda took me a while to figure out how exactly to get the gusset right; I think I have weird shaped hands because I had to knit 26 rows before splitting the thumb from the fingers. It’s probably going to take me a million years to weave in all the ends on these; they’ll be a total of 48 when I’m finished with the pair.

Wash, block, and sew on buttons to Versatility: I never mentioned this before, but it’s too dark for pictures right now, so you won’t get a finished product post today. But I can say that I finally sewed on the buttons to a scarf that I started back in August. And I’m going to wear it tomorrow!

Clean bathroom, take down recycables, clean loveseat and table, wash clothes, bedding, and hand knits: Uh, I’m just talking about normal everyday things as if they’re something huge, but hey, they’re successful accomplishments!

Finish first lacy sock: just one sock finished, but yay, it’s finished!

Sew buttons onto baby booties: Another thing just sitting around waiting to be finished.

Take pictures of knitted stuff and put on ravelry: I don’t think I’ve added any pictures to my ravelry projects page since this summer, so I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and uploaded them today, I’ll put them here too.

Three log cabin projects, first is a washcloth, which is how I learned log cabin and what started my addiction. Second is a blanket, which is my go to mindless knitting project. It’s going to be so snuggly warm when I finish! Last is a scarf, that I need to bathe in conditioner to make it softer.

Set up and decorate the Christmas tree: I didn’t do this all by myself, but it was still a lot of work. But definately worth it, because it looks good.

Wrap presents: I am the resident gift wrapper in this household; I’m to only one who likes to do it, so I wrapped all of them! Except a few that my mom put in bags.

Complete one homework assignment: Uh, just one, but that’s better than nothing right? After I’m finished typing this post, I may work on a presentation that’s due monday (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! because I’ve barely started working on it and I always stumble over what to say and I’ll get points docked for that and did I mention that I’ve barely started working on it and and and and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

In addition to this amazing list of things that I’ve accomplished this long weekend, I’ve also watched like 4 movies and listened to lots of music (but not Christmas music, unless you count Father Christmas by the Kinks, because I don’t like to listen to Christmas music too early. Or at all, except mayb the Burl Ives tape. But I think I’ll wait until after finals week (and graduation!) to do that. I’ve also taken several walks, which was really nice earlier this week when it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt (I love Tennessee, where else is it almost 60 degrees in November?) but it was also nice yesterday and today when I had to bundle up a little bit (just a sweater and accessories, no coat).

I may make a few finished project posts later, but I may not, because I’ll likely be busy during the next two weeks of classes (wow, only 2 weeks?) and finals week. I tell you what, this semester has flown by. Or spaceshiped by? Fast, really inconceivably fast is how it’s gone by.



The day before Christmas Eve, I started knitting Cria, and last Friday I finished it.

Pattern: Cria

Needles: US size 4

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport

Color: Blossom Heather

I took this picture on accident, I was setting up the camera and took the picture without setting the self timer, so it took right away.

Modifications: obviously, I made it as a pullover instead of a cardigan. I started knitting the pattern as written, but when I got to the row where, as written you would switch to stockinette stitch, I instead started knitting in the round. I held the first 7 stitches on a needle out of the wat, then when I got to the last 7 stitches of the round, I knit the two stitches together, kinda like a 3 needle bind off, but just knitting, not binding off. I also just did a k2tog, yo buttonhole, because I had trouble understanding the buttonhole as written. I knit it in size 30, which is one size smaller than I actually needed, because my stitch gauge was a little big. I also made the sleeves closer fitting, because they were huge on me as written. My row gauge was a little too small, so for the yoke, I added in a few rows (I think 2) in order to make up for that, and for the body and sleeves, I just knit until it was long enough. I added a little more shaping than the pattern called for (I think I did 3 decrease rounds, decreasing 4 sts per round, then after a few inches, did 13 increase rows). I also knit the bottom garter stitch band in two pieces, front and back.

I quite like it. I wore it on Sunday with a skirt, but I also think it works well with jeans too.

The buttons were my Grandma’s; I have, like, 150 of them.

Here are a few pictures that I took last night after I took a walk (after supper! Isn’t it exciting that it’s still sorta daylight at 5:10?)

The moon. I had to have it kinda off-center, because there was a street light near by and I didn’t want it in the picture.

Residual sunset lightening our backyard. I think this might be what my dad refers to as “dusky dark.”

My class tomorrow is canceled, which is exciting. I need to study though, I’ve been kinda lazy here of late.


  • It snowed on Christmas. It was pretty, but we couldn’t go to Chattanooga to visit family because it’s a curvy hilly 2 hour drive, and we didn’t want to end up in a ditch. We played games, which was fun, and ate at Ruby Tuesday’s, which was tasty.
  • I’m finished with the front and back of my Ethel Mildred Ferguson sweater. I’m currently working on the first sleeve.
  • I finished the first Garden Gate sock. It’s the length of a regular sock, not knee-high, since I only had one skein of black and one skein of red. I’ve done at least one color work repeat  of the second sock so far.
  • For Christmas I got the book Gifted by Mags Kandis (The name Mags makes me thing of the book Catching Fire). It has a pattern for crocheted coasters and trivets, and I’ve made one of each! This is a big accomplishment for me, because every time I’ve tried to crochet, I haven’t been able to get the hang of it. I’m not certain that I’m doing it right, but they are felted, so it doesn’t really matter. As long as I have a roughly circle shaped pice of wool, I think I’ll be okay. This reminds me of a story that Dad told me about someone in the band Jethro Tull. He played the flute and the band got famous. And then all these professional flute players told him that he was playing the flute wrong, but it doesn’t really matter because he was famous and they weren’t.
  • I’ve been slowly but surely cleaning my room. On Monday Dad helped me rearrange my furniture. I still have some stuff that I don’t really know what to do with right now, but I’ll find a place for it all eventually. My room didn’t get messy over the span of a few weeks (it got messy over the span of a few years) so I can’t really expect myself to have my room completely clean and clutter-free in the span of a few weeks.
  • I went to Goodwill yesterday and bought an orange wool sweater. It’s pretty, but snagged in a few places. After it dries (on the blocking boards that I got for Christmas) I’m going to rip it out. I may dye it, because I don’t really wear orange all that much. Brown might be and easy but pretty color to dye it.
  • I’m going to try to make pretzels tomorrow. I hope that they taste good.
  • I may make cinnamon rolls for New Year’s Eve. But maybe not. I kinda want to make that Brownie like cake from the Cook’s Country cookbook, but that won’t be very easy to bring. Cinnamon rolls, however, will take a long time. I suppose that I could just make cookies, but they’re kinda boring to make.
  • The calico is a big fat bully. No wonder the tabby is a scardy-cat now-a-days.
  • Mom and I just bought some music from Walmart. I like music. It’s always nice to get a new burnt CD to my listening repotoire. I don’t know if I used thar word properly, but I don’t really care.

What I’ve been up to Lately

Since I lasted posted, I finished Dad’s socks and fixed his sweater.

I had to fix it because a certain cat ate the cuff of one of the sleeves. After that, I wanted to start Gaelic Mist,from A Fine Fleece, but I decided to wait until after Christmas, in case I found a pattern that I liked better in any of the books that I might get for Christmas. At first I decided to just spin my roving and knit my entralac scarf until Christmas. Well, that didn’t last long. I can’t tell you what broke my resolve, because I’m thinking about submitting it to knitty. All I can say is that I messed up a little and I’m a bit tired of it right now.

Christmas was good. I received some books and some sock blockers and some harmony dpns and a digital scale and a sweater and various other things and 22 servings of candy. I’ve only ate two servings thus far, so it should last a good long while. We went to Chattanooga to visit Dad’s family, which was nice, but Mom couldn’t come because she wasn’t feeling good. I brought a metal basket thing that has two layers, and mom had me play the gift swap for her. Her gift was a jewelry box. I got my gift for Mom because she liked it and wanted to put fruit in it. I got a little caddy with lotion, spray, shower gel, and bubble bath in gingerbread scent. As if I needed any more spray, but I do like the caddy.

Since I was vexed with the mystery knit on Christmas day, I decided to start a pair of Veyla fingerless mitts.

That picture is of the first cuff and part of the second. If you had asked me how I liked the yarn at the time of that picture, I would have replied as such: “It’s super soft, and not as hairy as I would have thought, since it’s alpaca.” I have now finished both cuffs, and if you had asked me what I thought of if after I finished the first cuff, I would have complained about how pulling it out of the center makes it very tangled. I should probably block these before I knit the rest of the mitts, but I have no wool wash. I was going to use some Christmas money to buy some, but the yarn store is closed and shipping costs too much to buy it online. And the wool wash itself, especially Soak, is kinda expensive. I think I’ll  just keep on using detergent and rinsing for now and maybe get some wool wash a few months later.

A few weeks back I placed a hold for Bend the Rules Sewing at the library, and yesterday it came in. I found some fabric and sewed up a little wallet.


The card pockets are too small to hold cards, but that’s okay. Actually, the center card pockets aren’t even sewn on the third side, but it’s okay since they’re not big enough anyway. I do have a lot of cards. I have a binder clip on them so that they won’t be pesky and fall out. Well, they could, but I would notice if all of them did and I wouldn’t if just one or two did.

Last night I bought Whimsical Little Knits, because I wanted to make the Hap Blanket and eventually the Ishbel shawl and possibly Cairn.  I decided to use up some leftover cotton and make a wash cloth sized version of the Hap Blanket, and after knitting on it last night and today, I was finished.

I just love the colors.

I messed up a little bit on one corner, but I think it looks okay.

And i most definitely want to make a blanket someday. But not just any blanket. A super-huge, super-warm blanket. If knit according to the pattern, the blanket should measure 40 by 40 inches. Well, that’s not nearly big enough. I’d like a comforter sized 80 by 80 inch version. And I could figure out how to make it that big. But could I finish making a blanket that huge? Possibly. I have knit a pea-coat and a man’s sweater. A large blanket wouldn’t take much more stickamatite, would it?

Here are some pictures of Mom’s mittens.

She really likes them. They’re super soft, and she says that they fit.

Last picture. And I’m gonna spell-check now.

Hi There!

I have some pictures for you. Because you’ve missed me. I hope.

 I sorta know how to spin now. That’s some Louet Blue-Faced Leicester that I dyed with my knitpicks dye. I actually dyed this during the summer, and then divided it lengthwise into 16 parts. I’ve spun 4 of those thus far (but I hadn’t spun that much when I took that picture).

This is what it looked like after I dyed it.

Sometime shortly after my last real post, I found two knitting books that my mom had. One was The Country Diary Book of Knitting and the other was Knitting in the Old Way. It’s funny, because I had considered buying Knitting in the Old Way, and now I don’t have to. I found a pattern in the first book for a toy mouse with trousers and sweater. It was pretty adorable, so I decided to make it for my mentee. Except I hadn’t met her at the time, so I wanted to wait to see how old she was first. After meeting her, I cast on for her mouse and didn’t finish it until practically the last-minute. So I didn’t get many good pictures, but here’s one.

I used a less than a skein of white Caron Simply Soft Eco for the body, some leftover Simply Soft from a sweater vest that I knit on my machine for the pants, and Red Heart for the shirt. I made my mentee a scarf on my machine, and I used what was left of the skein for the shirt. However, I ran out of yarn, so I had to make the top striped. It reminds me of Charlie Brown for some reason.

At the beginning of this month, it frosted over night so I took some pictures. I have none of the frost to show you, because my flikr is getting full, but I did take some pictures of my pea coat and Ripley hat in action.

I do love that hat. It’s my favorite. I won’t need to make another hat ever as long as I have that one. But I probably will since I like making hats. And no, I didn’t brush my hair before I took that. What? I was in a hurry; I had to take pictures of the frost before it disappeared. I didn’t have time to take care of silly things like brushing my hair. Speaking of hair, I got it cut today.

Well, that’s all the pictures that I have for now. Have a very merry Christmas in case I’m not back before then, and be safe and stay warm.

I’m Only Posting Right Now So That I Can Say That I Post Every Month

Hi. I’ve been busy during the past almost two months. I went on vacation, my wireless internet broke, I went on the SOC retreat, and I’ve been busy with school and volunteering. I’ve taken a lot of pretty pictures, but since flickr is being slow I haven’t uploaded many of them. I’m almost finished with the Dad’s second sock, but it’s on hold right now until I get my Christmas knitting out of the way. I need to make a pair of mittens for Mom, but first I need to finish my mentee’s present. It’s adorable, but I’m not quite done yet. I’ll take lots of pictures and show it when I’m done. Which needs to be soon since the Christmas party is next Saturday. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll try to have a real post in maybe a week or so, maybe later.

A bunch of random paragraphs that don’t really have anything to do with each other

I’m an alumnus! I have been since Thursday, but I didn’t have anything else important to say, so I didn’t post anything until now. I brought the sleeve of Mrs. Darcy to work on after the Econ exam, and Brittany and April seemed to be fascinated by it.
I finally finished the second Cinderella sock, but I don’t have any pictures yet. They’re a bit big, but my feet are pretty warm, so i guess it doesn’t matter.
3 days until Christmas! It’s supposed to be around 50 degrees, which is good because I’m hating the cold. According to Mom, it was 8 degrees this morning. When I checked the temp around 10:30ish, it was 16 degrees. When the temperature is lower than my age, there’s a problem. And when I’m 90, I’ll probably be saying that there’s a problem when the temp is higher than my age.
Mrs. Quigley, my cat, is adorable. She has several different moods, including playful, attack-cat, sleeping, tired-but-fighting-sleep, and nursing. Yup, she likes to nurse on or hands. And clothing. It feels pretty weird. Right now, she’s next to my laptop purring. By the way, she chewed through one of the strands of Christmas lights the other day, so now we’re trying to keep her out from underneath the tree while the light are on, so that she doesn’t get electrocuted or anything. She’ll be in for a surprise on Christmas day.
I’m thinking about getting some rain boots.