Baby Sweaters

Don’t you just love knitting for babies? Everything is just so cute and tiny, and it knits up pretty fast too.


A few weeks ago, I got a hankering to make a Baby Surprise Jacket. I used some ugly green Sugar ‘n Cream that I had no other plans for, since I was mostly just experimenting with the pattern.


The pattern was confusing, and it was difficult to alter for a different gauge, but the end result was pretty cute.


The bottom tow buttons won’t button, but I sewed them on anyway for decoration.


So after I made this one and knew what I was doing, I made a better baby sweater using leftovers from my Hobbit Robe.


This time, since I knew what I was doing, it ended up much better.


I used about half a skein of I Love This Cotton in Burnt Sienna (reddish  color) and scraps of Antique Gold, Brown, Taupe, Auberguine, and Forest for the stripes.


The green buttons match the Forest color almost perfectly.


The last sweater that I have pictures of isn’t a BSJ, and I actually finished it back in January.


It’s just a simple bottom up raglan. I love the little red buttons.


It might be a little bit out of proportion (too wide and too short), but a baby won’t care.


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