Hobbit Robe

Guys, I am in love.


I am so in love with my beautiful new Hobbit Robe!


I talked a little about this last time I made a blog post.


At the time, I was thinking about making a lot of granny squares and stitching them all together.


I soon realized, however, that that would, a) use a lot of yarn and b) be crazy heavy.


So, since I had already came up with a lacy crochet stitch pattern for rectangles, I decided to use that same stitch pattern for the whole robe.


It required a lot less seaming this way, because I was able to work each square off of the previous square in each strip.


I attached the strips to each other as I went along, so the only seaming that I had to do was the side and shoulder seams.


The border is the same stitch pattern in burgundy.


The belt is also in the same stitch pattern. The belt loops are just one row of single crochet.


This was my first big crochet project that wasn’t primarily granny squares.


I made a few mistakes in the processes of figuring out what I was doing, such as joining the strips backwards, but it’s a patchwork robe, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.


I may someday write up a pattern for it, but since I don’t know diddly-squat about crochet terminology, it would be a very confusing pattern to follow (although, Elizabeth Zimmerman wrote crazy-unclear patterns, so maybe I could get away with doing the same).


I used eight colors of Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton: Taupe, Brown, Antique Gold, Burnt Sienna, Purple, Forest, Stonewash, and Auberguine, all picked because they sorta matched the colors of the robe Bilbo wore in the first Hobbit movie (except for the purple. I chose it because I thought it would look good with the other colors).


It wasn’t until after I was halfway through that I realized there’s a navy blue color of this yarn. I betcha that would have looked good too.


I finished it a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing it as much as I can.


The sleeves are a bit long and get in the way just a little when I’m brushing my teeth, but I just fold them up a bit and it’s not a problem.


The belt has a tendency of getting too loose after it’s been tied for a while, but that’s not hugely annoying.


The squares are all different lengths, because I thought I was going to run out of some of the colors.


I’m not overly concerned with that, I think it makes it look more patchworky.


Did I mention that I absolutely love it?



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