Makeshift Nosteppine


Has anybody else done this? I needed to wind up some yarn, but I couldn’t find by nosteppine (how on earth is that supposed to be pronounced? I’m saying no-step-ine, but I have no clue if I’m right or not). Then I happened to see my curling iron, and I thought, “that’s a tapered tube, I can use it!” And so I did, and it actually worked! Unlike a couple of years ago, before I even knew what a nosteppine was; I used a chap stick tube and laceweight yarn. It didn’t work.

I’m wondering what else could be used to wind yarn in a center pull ball? You know those gigantic cones of cotton I keep mentioning? I betcha you could use the cardboard cone. Or possible a flashlight. Maybe a vase that doesn’t have a wide opening. The curling iron worked pretty well (possibly better than it works for modifying hair. Or maybe it’s just so old that it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.) but I’m not sure how well it would do if you were using a lot of yarn.


2 thoughts on “Makeshift Nosteppine

  1. That is clever! And as you predicted at lunch, you could use several things that taper, like the piece of wood that connected the legs of our old dining room chairs. You could hone down the end of a large dowel rod. Some hair brushes have tapered handles. I like the idea of using a vase, too.

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