A Belated Post About a Sweater

This is like, the third time that I’ve tride to blog about this sweater, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish this time. I can’t remember what happened the first time, but the second time, I tried to make the post typing area full screen, and it lost everything I had typed. So hopefully, third time’s a charm.

Unrealated to the sweater, I didn’t mean to wait this long between posts (two weeks actually isn’t that long, in fact, it’s pretty good for me), but I’ve been busy. I was starting to feel sick when I was typing the last post, and I was thouroughly sick for the next couple of days. Stupid allergies.

Then we had VBS at church, and I helped with that for a couple of days. I did some cleaning on my room; it’s still a mess, but it’s better than it was.

It’s also been unbearably hot, which is kinda aggrivation because I don’t like not being able to take walks. I suppose, in theory, I could still take walks, but when I say unbearably hot, I mean it. It’s been getting up into the hundreds. It’s been so hot that I feel miserable just sitting on the porch in the shade. I’d feel a million times worse if I was in the glare of the sun for fifteen minutes.

I’ve also been working on summarzing some articles for my class, in fact I’m working on one right now, concurrent to this post. Let’s hope I don’t accidently get switched on what I’m typing. I don’t think you’d mind too much if I started typing abput standards of practice in dietetics, but I’m pretty sure my teacher doesn’t want to read about my sweater. (I actually don’t expect to get so confused as to actually accidently get swiched, so don’t thinkI’m that absentminded.)

So now, on to the sweater.

Pattern: That Weasley Girl

Yarn: Lion Brand Fishermans Wool (Side note: Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell this any more. Very aggrivating. Where am I supposed to buy my basic wool now, hm?)

Color: Oatmeal

Needles: Size 6

Size: The pattern is a check-your-gauge-and-measure-yourself type pattern, so I don’t remember what size reccomendation I did. Logic would dictate that I started with the size 32, but the pattern says that the neck size for size 32 is 13.5 inches, and I’m fairly certain I cast on for 14 inches. So, long story short, either size 32 or 34. But really, I only followed the pattern for the yoke, and then did the waist shaping, sleeves, and hood without any assistance from the pattern.

Modifications: Other than the aforementioned lack of adherance to the pattern, I made the seed stitch at the bottom of the body of the sweater and sleeves be as long as the seed stitch on the yoke, instead of the recommended 1 inch. I also didn’t follow the instructions for the hood, because they didn’t make any sense (Pick up and knit stitches. Next row, knit to marker. Wait, what marker? You didn’t tell me to put any markers anywhere. Where did they magically come from?). I think I picked up the stitches along the neck of the sweater (where I cast on, just in case that didn’t make any sense), and cast on a few extra stitches at each end to sew back for the drawstring casing, then increased in two places at the back of the hood until it was wide enough, then kept on knitting until it was long enough, then did some short rows to shape the top. Then I grafted the stitches together and sewed back the extra stitches for the drawstring casing. The drawstring was just six pieces of yarn braided together.

This isn’t the best picture of the hood, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

For the pockets, I picked up stitches along the seed stitch portion, then knit, attaching the pocket to the sweater by picking up a stitch at the end of each row and workin it togther with the pocket stitches. I kept a six stitch border of seed stitch at the outer edge (um, the edge that’s not attached to the sweater. The lateral edge, if you’re familar with anatomy) of the pocket, to match the borders of the rest of the sweater. I then decreased to get the slpoe of the pocket right. I had to look up some old precalculas notes, trying to get the shaper right, but that didn’t work, so then I tried to mimic the shaping of the pockets in Melia, but that didn’t work either, so I kinda just winged it. I wasn’t entirely happy with it, but I figured nothing would lay (lie? laid? lays? sleep?) flat like I wanted it to, so I just let it be. After blocking, it got to be a little better, and I’m perfectly fine with how it is. So don’t be thinking that I’m going to be staying awake at night worried that my pockets aren’t perfect.


The zipper was kinda aggrivating to sew in. I pinned it in place, but when I tried it on, it looked stupid, so it took a bit of work to get it to lay (lie? fib?) right.

Want to know something unusual? I’m wearing that shirt in the pictures right now. And I was wearing it the last time I attempted to type this post. And I was working on this sweater on the day I recieved that shirt. I remember I finished the first sleeve that day. And if you’re curious about what the shirt was for, you can click here to find out all about it.

I’m going to try to work some more on my homework now. I just have to have it done by the time I finish my field experience, but I’d like to get it done this week because I start my rotation at the hospital next week! I’m kinda nervous, because I’m not 100% certain (maybe I’m 80 or 85% certain) what exctly I need to be doing (the syllabus isn’t particularly clear) but I think as long as I work really hard, I should really get a lot out of my field experience. And then the week after next I’ll be at the health department. And then maybe back at the hospital after that? I’m not sure, but I don’t do the scheduling, so I’m not worried. And then after I’m completly done with my field experience, I’m going to start looking for a job. Maybe they’ll have something part time at the hospital (and by part time I really mean part time. Like less than 20 hours a week, not 39 but still considered part time. I’ll still be taking classes in the fall, and that’s more imprtant to me than money. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a job with that few hours. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find a job period. My past efforts at job hunting have been 100% futile. But back to the topic of the original sentence,) and they’ll mention it to me when I’m there doing my field experience and I can turn in my resume to an actual person. We’ll see.

I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July. I’m planning on eating homemade ice cream with my family foday, and maybe grilling out and watching fireworks with SOC tomorrow.


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