Finished Stuff

Since it’s summer, I’ve been kinda productive.

Back in May I made a baby sweater.

Isn’t it cute? I just love knitting baby things. Because they’re so tiny and adorable. And because they knit up much quicker than adult sweaters. And because a perfect fit isn’t crucial. And did I mention that they’re so cute?

Pattern: Made up. I cast on enough stitches,knit alternating stripes, raglan shaping for the yoke, and the button bands attached afterwards. I wanted to do set in sleeves all in one piece, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with the stripes.

Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream

Color: Yellow and Ecru

Needles: size 6

The white yarn was from a huge cone of yarn, but the yellow was from normal sized skeins. I used one full skein, and some of the second skein, so I had a lot left over to make a pair of booties.

Pattern: Gansey Booties

Yarn: Same as the sweater

Needles: Size 5

Size: I forgot…

I took this picture on the tomato trellis wire thingy. I really like this pattern. This is the fourth pair of baby booties that I’ve made using this pattern. I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a baby bootie pattern.

I made another set of wash cloths for another set of friends getting married.

Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth

Yarn/ Color: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (Ecru) and Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! (Taupe)

Needles: Size 8

Modifications: I cast on 39 stitches instead of 45. I also did a knitted cast on, which I think I have fallen in love with. It looks much more similar to my bind offs than a regular cast on does.

I really like the look of these washcloths. I think the light brown/ taupe (how do you pronounce that word? I always thought it was tawp but I’ve heard some people pronouncing it tope, which sounds kinda stupid sounding to me) looks really good with the cream, but I wasn’t sure if it would at first. I also like the pattern. Easy, but looks amazing.When I give them as a gift, I think I might have them tied up in the ribbon like that, but I may not.

I have another finished item that I’ll show you soon. But I think I’ll let this post be just the cotton things that I’ve finished recently.


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