A lot of my friends are getting married this year, so I’m making a lot of washcloths to give as gifts.
Here’s the first set.
They’re knit in I Love This Cotton in Burnt Sienna.
I just did the pattern out of my head; start with one stitch, increase one stitch on each side on every other row until it’s big enough (69 stitches for these) then decrease one stitch each side every other row until there’s only one stitch left.
Three skeins made four washcloths, with a little bit left over. And the recipients love them.
Here’s the second set.
They’re knit from Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, from this gigantic 700 yard skein that I bought last summer.
The pattern is from My Grandmother’s Knitting.
I like how huge they are. Small washcloths just don’t seem like they’d be quite as functional as large ones.
I haven’t given these away yet, but when I do I’ll only give the two instead of four, because they’re large, ornate, and took a long time.
Here’s the third set.
They’re also knit from sugar and cream. I made up the pattern, but I’m too lazy to type out what I did right now. It’s basically just square knit in the round with mitered corners.
I know that’s not a very good picture, but you can still sorta see the colors. I still need to make two more to complete the set, but I’m not going to make them just yet.
I hope you like these pictures! I might post later this week about some works in progress, but don’t set your hearts on it because I might not.

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