Hermione Socks

Back in November I started knitting a pair of socks, and last week I finished the pair!

Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Yarn: Knitpicks Imagination Hand Painted Sock Yarn

Color: Wild West

Modifications: I wanted these to be knee socks, because I had 3 skeins of yarn and I wanted another pair of knee socks. So after checking my gauge, I measured various places of my calf and multiplied out how many stitches that I needed to cast on, increase to, then decrease to. But after I had knit a few rows past the cuff, I realized that I didn’t take the stretch into enough account, and that they were too big. So I had to rip it out and start over, this time with fewer stitches.

Other than taking pictures of them, I’ve worn them a grand total of twice. But it’s okay; I like warm weather better than wearing hand knits immediately after I’ve finished them.

It is currently spring break, and, except for the serious storms we had on Friday,  it’s been really lovely weather so far. But now it’s kinda drizzly and overcast, so I’m going to try to do some homework today so that I won’t be so overworked once classes start back up. I’ve been doing quite a bit of knitting this week, so be looking forward to more finished projects posts in the next couple of weeks.


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