I spoke too soon about us having a mild winter. Yesterday afternoon it started snowing and it’s been the snow equivalent of drizzling pretty much ever since. Just now I went outside to take some pictures and a break from homework.

The beautiful calico, trying to get me to pay attention to her as I was bundling up.

Drooping cold jonquils. I hope the ones that haven’t bloomed yet still will.

The snow-covered deck

Our new flower garden with a blanket of snow

It wasn’t all that cold considering how much warm clothes I was wearing, but it was really windy, so I didn’t stay out long.

The calico got in my lap and let me pet her after I went back inside, but she wouldn’t stay still long enough for the pictures to be clear.

And now it’s time for me to get back to my Legal Issues paper. If I just get to work, it won’t take me long to finish it. I just get distracted easily, which can be problematic when you need a computer in order to do your work.


One thought on “Winter

  1. I’m jealous of your snow. We’ve had almost none all winter. (A couple of hours of flurries back in early January was it.) But don’t worry about your jonquils. They have no problem growing and blooming through snow!

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