Today I made some soup. Last Saturday when I got groceries, I bought some V8 low sodium vegetable juice, intending to drink it, but it didn’t taste good. At all. Some might like it, but it was too cold to enjoy as a beverage. So I decided to made some soup with it.

I started out with a hamburger patty, which I browned, then set on a paper towel so that the fat could drain off. I then put 3 cups of V8 juice and some water in the pan.

And I did what you’re always told not to do when cooking. I used a mixture of fresh, frozen, and canned foods. Gasp!

I put in 2/3 cup of frozen corn

And 2 chopped up potatoes. I also added the meat back in, and, after it got up to boiling, put a lid on it and let it simmer. While I was getting the lid out, I accidentally dropped one. It fell to the floor and bounced and made all these clanging noises, which attracted the attention of a certain black tabby…

And yes, I did put that lid in the dishwasher.

After the soup simmered for a while, I added a can of beans and let the soup cook for a while longer.

Then I added some pepper, and garlic and onion powder. Then I ate it. Or rather, 1/4 of it. The rest I froze to eat later. The potatoes weren’t entirely soft, but it was still very good.


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