About two months ago I was kinda bored and I didn’t feel like studying so I decided to unravel a sweater instead. You can read about me purchasing said sweater here. After a couple of weeks, I decided to make an Owls sweater, but slightly different, because I had a different gauge. Then after I knit the body and most of the first sleeve, I realized that I wouldn’t have enough to yarn to make the owls sweater, so I decided that when I got to the yoke I would do some sort of color work pattern. But first, I had to rip back about half of the body of the sweater, because it didn’t really fit right. Now I’m done with sleeve number one

and the body has been re-knit, and it fits well (you’re just going to have to take my word fo it, I didn’t take a picture of me wearing it).

And now I’m about 10 rows into the second sleeve, and I don’t know what to do for the yoke. I’ll be using some cram colored yarn in addition to the brown, and I’m not quite sure what would look best. I had originally considered doing hearts, but I don’t know how white hearts will look. I also considered doing a snowflake motif, but then it would look goofy if I wanted to wear in the fall or spring. Or the 75% of winter when there isn’t any snow. I also considered doing some type of scalloped stripes, but I don’t know how decreasing would work for that. And now I’m considering doing the owl motif in white and then using the brown for everything above the owls. Ah, choices. So hard to decide.

My scarf is coming along nicely, In a few more rows I’ll be ready to do the hood decreases.

And speaking of Ysolda patterns, I got Little Red in the City today! I’m looking forward to making Melia, and I’m making a swatch using some leftover Alpaca Love from the hat and mittens that I made for Mom last year. I’m thinking that I’ll want to make it in purple, but red would be nice too. I don’t have to decide right now, because I’m probably going to wait until after the fair (where I’ll hopefully win some money on my hand knits) to make a purchase.

And, since I think this post needs more pictures, here’s a view of the trees behind the duplexes next to our house at sunset.

It was prettier in person.


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