On Sunday we went shopping in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and the Rivergate area of Nashville. Mom and Dad bought a new griddle and a new dehydrator, since I broke the last one (in my defence, it was 14 years old or more, and there is a possibility that it just broke of its own accord while I happened to be using it). The also bought me some sheets to sew into curtains. I haven’t gotten around to making them yet, but they’ll be pretty when I do. I was planning on getting yellow, but they didn’t have any yellow, so I got blue instead. I bought 3 skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Berry for two dollars each. One of the skeins is a different dye lot, but I have plans to overcome that. I started knitting the shrug from last year’s Spring/Summer issue of Knit Simple. I’m knitting it in stockinette stitch instead of the slip stitch pattern that it says to use, because the slipped stitches didn’t really look worth all the extra effort to make. I’m also knitting the body in one piece, because I hate seaming, and because the pattern description lied and said that it was seamless, when in fact, the way it’s written is far from seamless. I also plan to knit the top part raglan style when I get to it because, again, I hate seaming. And I pretty horrible at seaming. It’s not just that I don’t like to do it, I can’t ever seem to get anything that I seam to look halfway decent. And why would I put a lot of work into something that’s just going to end up looking bad? Anyway, here are a few pictures of what I have so far.

Yesterday I drove to Kentucky with Dad, because ever since I found out that it’s only 3 counties north of here I’ve been wanting to go there. So we did, but there wasn’t really much there. We also picked some roses off the side of the road (our road, not some random Kentuckian road) and dried them on the new dehydrator in hopes of making potpourri, but they don’t smell like anything. We kept them any way, because they were pretty and I figured that we could mix them up with some lavender if we ever get around to growing some.

My tiger lilies are blooming, and you get a picture of them, even though they’re not pink.


4 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Cute shrug pattern. I wouldn’t have known that was a Lion Brand yarn, I love the color too.

    The dehydated roses are very pretty (even all in a ziplock bag), I recall reading something a while back about darker roses having more scent to them– I don’t know if that information is at all helpful too you.

  2. I’m no good at seaming either. I always have to rip it out and try a few times before I get it to look right! That’s why I designed Mythica (a vest/sleeveless top) with only shoulder seaming! Good luck with the shrug…it’s a lovely color!

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