Sweater Vest and Oregano

I finished knitting my sweater vest.

This is the front of it.

This is a picture of the cables on the side.

This is the back.

It’s a little bit longer than I wanted it to be; I was hoping that I could wear that shirt under it and still have it sticking out a bit, but it doesn’t in the front. But that’s okay.

On Monday I was outside in the garden, and I happened to look at the oregano. Which isn’t that hard to do; it’s right there, taking up a lot of space, obvious to the whole wide world.

So I picked a little bit,

took it inside and plucked off all the leaves, realized it wasn’t enough,

went outside and picked some more,

plucked off all the leaves and washed it all in the salad spinner.

Then I put the leaves on the dehydrator to dry. After it was thoroughly dried, I put it into a bag and crumpled it up. I didn’t take a picture of it when it was dried, because, in addition to being a lazy ka-nitter, I am also a lazy gardener and oregano preparer. Or maybe just a lazy photographer.

I’ve been working on a super-secret-something ever since I finished the sweater vest, so I have nothing to say on the ka-nitting front. I’m thinking about knitting this shrug to wear over my sundresses to church, because all my dresses are sleeveless, and I don’t have anything to wear over them that matches everything. However, that would require spending money, and seeing as I don’t have a job yet, I don’t really want to spend money. Especially when I already have yarn that is waiting to be knit up.

Speaking of yarn, Knitpicks has some new colors of Imagination sock yarn. I kinda wish they had these up earlier, because I’m sure that Enchanted Forest would look good with Arabian Nights for those fair isle socks. I also like the Ruby Slippers colorway. I’m sure Mom would like it too. By the way, you still haven’t told me what you want me to knit you for Mother’s Day.


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