A month? Again?

So, post an outline, say I’ll finish it, don’t, then come back a month later. Yep, sounds like me. I started knitting Snapdragon on Saturday, because my sweater was becoming a bit boring.

I’m about halfway through in length, but not when I took that picture.

I only have 3 weeks of the semester left.

I’m taking a break from working on my speech. It’s actually a make-up speech; he’s letting us give a new speech if we failed one, and I failed it the first time because it wasn’t long enough. And I also need to work on speech 4, which is due Tuesday; that really snuck up on me. And I have a large amount of nutrition homework to do, so I’m going to be rather busy with homework this weekend. Actually, I need to get a good portion of speech 4 finished today, because I’m meeting with my group on Thursday after class to work on it, so I will need to have my portion done, or at least mostly done. I think I forsee myself skipping biology again on Thursday. Or maybe not; I might be able to type up 6 minutes of information about the standards of education in other countries tonight.


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