A New Sweater

Last Tuesday, while looking up sources for my group speech, I started a new sweater because I wanted something mindless to work on whilst reading Wikipedia articles about education in various countries. It’s a top down sweater, but I wanted it to have a round yoke, kinda like the owls sweater, only top down. So I cast on some stitches (I think 90 something) and knit in twisted rib for a little while.

 Then I switched to stockinette stitch, and I increased to 242 stitches over two different rows. Then I switched to reverse stockinette stitch for a few rows, then I started a cable chart. I want this to kinda look like the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, so I’m using a similar looking closed ring cable pattern from Continuous Cables. If you’re curious, I’m using horizontal band #10. So far, I’m almost halfway done with the cable chart.

Other than that, I haven’t done anything else noteworthy. Yesterday and Saturday it was rather warm, so I did some yard work outside. Dad made me a kniddy knoddy, which is good, because my spindle is almost full (squee!) and I’ll need to wind it off soon so that I can make the second ply. Speaking of spinning, I’m doing my second speech in Speech class about spinning, so I should probably finish typing up my outline and practice a bit.


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