Lazy Ka-Blogging

Really, I haven’t been a lazy ka-nitter, I’ve been a lazy ka-blogger. Oh well. Since I last posted (almost a month ago) I’ve frogged one, finished one, started than frogged one, and started two. And virtually ignored two.

1. I frogged the Emily cape, because I realized that I had been doing the short rows wrong, but then messed up when I tried to do them properly. So I just ripped it out so that I won’t have to deal with it for now. I may start it over someday, but I might make something else with the yarn. Perhaps a top down raglan until I run out of yarn.

2. I finally finished the entralac scarf.

A few weeks back, it was really cold and I thought how nice it would be to have a warm scarf to wrap around my neck whilst walking across campus. So I worked on this until I finished it Monday night. It grew a bit during blocking; it’s 6 feet long. It also got a bit softer after blocking, but it’s still a bit scratchy.

It is warm, especially if I bury my mouth and nose into it. It’s a bit difficult walking like that, since I’d either have to hold it in place with my hand, which makes my arms cold, or look dow at the ground, which might lead me to walking into people.

3. Last Thursday, the yarn store had a sale, so I went and left $20 poorer, but with one skein of green Malabrigo Lace, one skein of heathery blue Alpaca Lace, and a 2 oz bottle of wool wash, which I used to block my scarf. I started making an Ishbel out of the Malabrigo, but my gauge was too small so I ripped it out with the intent of starting it all over sometime later.

4. Wednesday, I started working on yet another secret something. All I can say about it is that it’s looking pretty good thus far, and I am going to submit it to knitty. None of this “I’m thinking of submitting it to knitty” or “I might sumbit it to knitty;” I will submit it to knitty. Because, the knitted thing itself is looking pretty good, and I think that the pattern will turn out pretty decent as well once I start typing it up. And Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t make a comment saying “That __________ that you’re knitting does look good,” because that would defeat the purpose of me being secretive about what I’m making.

5. Last night I started a pair of Grown-Up Booties, because I figured it would be nice to have something warm to put on my feet so that my socks, which I need to wear every day due to extremely cold and windy temperatures, won’t wear out as quickly. I probably shouldn’t have started these, because they’ll take forever.

6. I’m keeping my Saxony socks in my backpack, and I’ve been working on them when I have a few spare minutes whilst at school, namely during break in biology and in between Biology lab and Aspects of Dress on Mondays. They’ll be nice socks when I finish them, but they’ll take a while, especially if I only work on them at school.

7. What do you mean I have another mystery item that I’ve abandoned? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

A few Saturdays back I knit a “washcloth” from Weekend Knitting. It’s sitting on one of our fruit bowls, because Mom washes washcloths with bleach, and I don’t want it to get all ruined.


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