I try not to be whiney. I also try not to exaggerate. So if I find myself saying or thinking “I need ________,” I usually have to reming myself that I dont need it; I want it.

Here lately it’s been cold and I’ve been wearing my Jaywalker socks because they are my only pair of socks that are long and warm enough to wear when it’s cold out. So I’ve found myself thinking “I need a new pair of wool socks.” I do not need, I can get by with just the Jaywalkers. But I would like to make another pair of wool socks, because 1.) if I keep wearing the Jaywalkers every cold day, they will wear out and 2.) I have plenty of sock yarn, so I won’t need to spend any money on this need want.

Speaking of cold, What do you wear to church when it’s cold? I bought three wool-blend sweaters from Old Navy a few weeks ago, and I have warm things for my hands and head, but what about my lower body? In theory, pants are more practical to wear than skirts when it’s cold, but in reality they’re not. Maybe it’s just my dress pants, all of which are kind of loose and thin, but wind and cold seep through pants just as easily as tights and skirts. Thing is, pants won’t blow around in the wind, so pants aren’t practical. Which leaves me with two things that I need want. First off, some more dress pants. The three pairs that I have all don’t fit right, and I need want to find some pants that don’t look so dorky. Second, I need want something that will keep me warm from my waist to my knees. Think about it. For every other body part, there’s something to keep you warm. Hats for heads, scarves for necks, sweaters for torsos, gloves and mittens for hands, socks for feet, and leg warmers for calves. But there is nothing for thighs and faces, except perhaps skirts (which don’t look good on me) and maybe bigger scarves that you cover your face with. I’m beginning to think that I’m a bit of a weirdo, because no one else has come up with something to keep upper legs warm. Maybe nobody else’s thighs get cold, and I’m just some freak of nature who’s knitting keeps her warm everywhere except her thighs. When I asked my parents what they thought about something to keep thighs warm, their response was long underwear. Sure, that’ll keep you warm, but you can’t take off long underwear when you go into a heated building for an hour. So, yeah, I need want something to keep my thighs warm. It’d be nice if I could find something like a coat for your legs you know, something that you can take on and off fairly easily. Interestingly enough, when I was in elementary school I thought about that. We wear clothes, then we put something to keep warm over just our top half. Why? I’m sure I was just as much of a weirdo then as I am now,  and no one else’s thighs get cold. Or perhaps no one else is willing to do anything about it. I mean, I knit, so if I’m cold I’ll I can make something to remedy that. But, apparently, not this time.


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