School and Knitting

Here’s an updade about the projects that I had on the needles as of two posts ago.

1. I’m finished with my Owls sweater.

It’s just a little bit too big, but not very much so. It’s fairly warm, considering how loosely knit it is.

2. No progress on the Emily. I haven’t even touched it.

3. I also finished the Veyla mitts.

The left one is a bit tight over my watch. I haven’t worn these yet, because it’s either been too warm or too cold.

4. No progress on the secret something.

5. I ripped out the other secret something, because I knew that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make it the way I imagined it. It actually wasn’t too saddening to rip it out, because I realized that I would have the pleasure of knitting with the Malabridgo twice.

6. No progress on the boring entralac scarf.

7. I really think that my roving hates me. I get maybe a yard spun, then it just decides to not stay put and comes apart. And then I have difficulty attaching the roving to the yarn. It stinks because I was doing an okay job at first, and now I’m not. I think I might be pre-drafting it too thin.

8. I started a new pair of socks the other day, because I need want another pair of wool socks. I’m using the cable chart from Saxony, but I’m using the toe-up construction of David’s Toe-Up Sock Cookbook because I want to make these as tall as possible.

I’ve knit almost one cable repeat on the leg so far.

On Monday Martha and I went out to eat and then we went to Hobby Lobby and goodwill. I bought a Merino and Shetland wool blend sweater for $6. I liked the color (light yellow) of it in the sweater, but it was kinda ugly wound op. So I dyed it with blue, hoping to make it green, but I put too much dye in it, so it’s mostly blue with a few light spots. I only have about 340 grams of it, so I’m not really sure what I’ll make with it. I was thinking something similar to the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, only improvised because I don’t have the pattern. I have picked out a cable pattern form one of the books that  I got for Christmas, and I was thinking about knitting it top down. But then again, I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn for an entire sweater, so I’ll just wait on using it up right now.

Tech started back yesterday. I’ve only been to two of my classes so far, so I’ll tell you about them and then what I think my other classes will be like.

Aspects of Dress: This class is about dress. Which is apparently more than just clothing. I have to take it for my major, but I think it’ll be kinda fun. There are three different labs for this class; the class is divided into three groups and we’ll alternate labs every four weeks. I’m starting with the aesthetics lab, which is a bit boring. Today we learned about color and lines and balance and proportion and ectera. We did get to cut and glue examples of what we learned, which took my mind about what I’ve heard about my speech class. The next lab is the construction lab, where we get to make an apron (sounds like fun) and the last one is the textiles lab. I’m not quite sure what that one’s about; perhaps we’ll get to feel different fabrics Sounds like my kind of lab; the only way it could get better is if there was a knitting class.

Consumer Economics: Kinda about common knowledge stuff, like bank accounts and credit and taxes and ectera. I also have to take this for my major, but it should be easy.

Nutrition: I think I’ll like this class, since it’s more in line with what I want to do. If I end up not liking it, then I’ll probably need to change majors.

Biology: This will probably be harder than my other classes, but probably not any harder than Chemistry. And I liked biology in high school, so it should be somewhat enjoyable.

Speech: Ug. I hate to be pessimistic, but I’m not looking forward to this class. I’m just going to have to formulate an argument, which I’m not good at, and say it, which I’m also not good at. To make matters worse, some one told me that the professor I have is really hard and will give you an F if your speech is too long or too short. At least the person who told me this didn’t have this professor himself and had only heard this from other people, so maybe they are exaggerating and it won’t be too bad.

 By the way, I typed up my modifications for my endpaper mitts; you can find them on the page called “Modifications.”



I try not to be whiney. I also try not to exaggerate. So if I find myself saying or thinking “I need ________,” I usually have to reming myself that I dont need it; I want it.

Here lately it’s been cold and I’ve been wearing my Jaywalker socks because they are my only pair of socks that are long and warm enough to wear when it’s cold out. So I’ve found myself thinking “I need a new pair of wool socks.” I do not need, I can get by with just the Jaywalkers. But I would like to make another pair of wool socks, because 1.) if I keep wearing the Jaywalkers every cold day, they will wear out and 2.) I have plenty of sock yarn, so I won’t need to spend any money on this need want.

Speaking of cold, What do you wear to church when it’s cold? I bought three wool-blend sweaters from Old Navy a few weeks ago, and I have warm things for my hands and head, but what about my lower body? In theory, pants are more practical to wear than skirts when it’s cold, but in reality they’re not. Maybe it’s just my dress pants, all of which are kind of loose and thin, but wind and cold seep through pants just as easily as tights and skirts. Thing is, pants won’t blow around in the wind, so pants aren’t practical. Which leaves me with two things that I need want. First off, some more dress pants. The three pairs that I have all don’t fit right, and I need want to find some pants that don’t look so dorky. Second, I need want something that will keep me warm from my waist to my knees. Think about it. For every other body part, there’s something to keep you warm. Hats for heads, scarves for necks, sweaters for torsos, gloves and mittens for hands, socks for feet, and leg warmers for calves. But there is nothing for thighs and faces, except perhaps skirts (which don’t look good on me) and maybe bigger scarves that you cover your face with. I’m beginning to think that I’m a bit of a weirdo, because no one else has come up with something to keep upper legs warm. Maybe nobody else’s thighs get cold, and I’m just some freak of nature who’s knitting keeps her warm everywhere except her thighs. When I asked my parents what they thought about something to keep thighs warm, their response was long underwear. Sure, that’ll keep you warm, but you can’t take off long underwear when you go into a heated building for an hour. So, yeah, I need want something to keep my thighs warm. It’d be nice if I could find something like a coat for your legs you know, something that you can take on and off fairly easily. Interestingly enough, when I was in elementary school I thought about that. We wear clothes, then we put something to keep warm over just our top half. Why? I’m sure I was just as much of a weirdo then as I am now,  and no one else’s thighs get cold. Or perhaps no one else is willing to do anything about it. I mean, I knit, so if I’m cold I’ll I can make something to remedy that. But, apparently, not this time.

Currently Ka-nitting

Alrighty. I have a few things on the needles, so here is a list of my progress on said projects, starting with the ones I’ve started most recently.

1.Today I started an owl sweater. On Sunday I went to Goodwill and bought two sweaters. One was 98% lambswool and the other was 50% wool, 50% acrylic. The lambswool one was slightly felted, but it looked like it would fit me so I bought it to wear (I wore it today and it does fit me). On Monday I unraveled the wool/acrylic one, and today I started the first sleeve. It knit up pretty quickly; I only have about 7 more rows left. I had to use bigger needles than the pattern called for, but that’s okay. At first I was afraid that it looked a bit sloppy, but I knit one owl, and it looked fine. I’ll probably finish the second sleeve before the end of the week. I’d like to have at least finished the ribbing on the body before school starts back up.

2. I started an Emily last Wednesday using some Yarn Bee Snowflake. I’ve knit 4 repeats thus far, and I think I’ll need to knit 14 total. It’s a nice pattern, not too hard, but not too boring. The yarn is decent, but when I do a decrease it tries to act all splitty. I’m kinda avoiding it. And not because I want to work on something else, but because I realized that it’s a bit impractical. I mean, what can I wear with a capelet? I’m going to finish it, but I do feel a bit silly for making something that fancy when I never dress fancy. On the plus side, when I bought that yarn (a few days after I got my wisdom teeth removed) I was intending to make a pair of socks, and bought three skeins. The capelet should only take two, so I’ll have on skein left over. I think I might make a Morgan, but I might not because it might look goofy on me.

3. I’ve already mentioned the Veyla mitts, so I’m not going to link to them. All that I have left to knit is the thumb on the second mitt. Then I’ll need to block them and sew on the buttons. I’m sure that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. Well, the knitting part isn’t, but it’s going to be hard sewing on the buttons. Because my buttonholes don’t line up with where I’m supposed to sew them on. Which means that I’ll have to reeeeeeeeally block them out. And I’ll have to pick out 8 matching buttons. I have 300-some odd burgundy buttons that I got from Grandma’s house. Some of them are clearly a different type of button, but most of them look like they came from the same packet. Thing is, they look subtly different. Maybe it’s just the way the light hits them, but they some of them look darker than others. And last time I looked through them, I had difficulty picking out 8 that matched.

4. I’ve already told you about the mystery something that I’m knitting. Well, imagine that, but very slightly bigger. I’m not really sure if it’s going to be good enough for Knitty, but I won’t know unless I try right?

5. A few days after Thanksgiving I started a different secret something, only to realize a few weeks later that I wouldn’t have enough yarn for what I had in mind. So it’s just sitting there, holding my size 10 circular hostage until I do something with it.

6. Back towards the end of September I started an entralac scarf. I’m slightly more than 1/4 of the way through with it, but it’s kinda boring. I’ll finish it eventually, but it’s not at the top of my list.

7. Not a knitting project, but my spinning is pretty much the same as where it was. It like to be difficult and fall to the floor, leaving me with a partially spun piece of fiber that refuses to attach itself to the rest of the yarn.

I kinda want to go back to Goodwill and look for some more sweaters to unravel. Since this one was so easy and quick to unravel (it took me all day, but that’s pretty quick considering I had to rip out the seams and unwind it), I want to find more cheap wooly sweaters that will eventually become beautiful things handknit by me.