Hi There!

I have some pictures for you. Because you’ve missed me. I hope.

 I sorta know how to spin now. That’s some Louet Blue-Faced Leicester that I dyed with my knitpicks dye. I actually dyed this during the summer, and then divided it lengthwise into 16 parts. I’ve spun 4 of those thus far (but I hadn’t spun that much when I took that picture).

This is what it looked like after I dyed it.

Sometime shortly after my last real post, I found two knitting books that my mom had. One was The Country Diary Book of Knitting and the other was Knitting in the Old Way. It’s funny, because I had considered buying Knitting in the Old Way, and now I don’t have to. I found a pattern in the first book for a toy mouse with trousers and sweater. It was pretty adorable, so I decided to make it for my mentee. Except I hadn’t met her at the time, so I wanted to wait to see how old she was first. After meeting her, I cast on for her mouse and didn’t finish it until practically the last-minute. So I didn’t get many good pictures, but here’s one.

I used a less than a skein of white Caron Simply Soft Eco for the body, some leftover Simply Soft from a sweater vest that I knit on my machine for the pants, and Red Heart for the shirt. I made my mentee a scarf on my machine, and I used what was left of the skein for the shirt. However, I ran out of yarn, so I had to make the top striped. It reminds me of Charlie Brown for some reason.

At the beginning of this month, it frosted over night so I took some pictures. I have none of the frost to show you, because my flikr is getting full, but I did take some pictures of my pea coat and Ripley hat in action.

I do love that hat. It’s my favorite. I won’t need to make another hat ever as long as I have that one. But I probably will since I like making hats. And no, I didn’t brush my hair before I took that. What? I was in a hurry; I had to take pictures of the frost before it disappeared. I didn’t have time to take care of silly things like brushing my hair. Speaking of hair, I got it cut today.

Well, that’s all the pictures that I have for now. Have a very merry Christmas in case I’m not back before then, and be safe and stay warm.


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