A Post About School, not Knitting. Sorry.

Well, school’s not too bad. Precal’s a little iffy, and Chemistry’s horrible, but overall the semester’s didn’t start out too bad. Except that I got sick last Wednesday and missed two cookouts, church, $3 Thursday, and my Chemistry lab that possibly didn’t meet since it was the first week. I couldn’t really tell if I had a cold or just sinus troubles. I was feeling better by Friday, and I went to my classes, but I kept my kleenexes and hand sanitizer handy so that I wouldn’t make anyone else sick. Chemistry was a foreign language that day, and reading the book now isn’t helping much. I went to the bookstore to buy the solution manuel, but they didn’t have any so I ordered it. The bad thing about that is that I won’t be able to understand anything until the end of the week.

Last weekend was nice. I visited some relatives on Saturday and went to the SOC all-nighter on Sunday. It was fun.


  • Warm socks
  • Quick knitting projects
  • A four day weekend
  • Life, for the most part, in general


  • Chemistry
  • Being sick
  • Dobby dying in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.