I Got Some Pictures

So, when I last posted, I mentioned that I was looking for a pattern for a hat that isn’t stupid looking and that keeps my ears warm. Well…

…I made one. I was watching Twilight last week, and I noticed the hat that she was wearing in the scene where she went to the beach. I knew that it was a crocheted hat, because I had seen a pattern on ravelry that was based on the hat in the movie, and it was crocheted. Well, I don’t know how to crochet, but I liked the hat, and I thought to myself, “that looks kinda like seed stitch. And I could do i-cords to separate the sections…”

So I did a gauge swatch, and I was off. I made it in three days, but the first day I started at night and I only did a few rows, and the third day I only did some finishing, so I probably could have done it in two days, maybe even one, if I did nothing else all day. Anyway, this hat has 6 sections of seed stitch separated by 2 stockinette stitches. I made 4 short rows, I think, over the back 4 sections, to make it longer in the back. To separate the bottom and middle from the top, I purled one row, with the intent of putting an i-cord there later.

I only did the I cord on the purl ridge separating the bottom from the middle, because it was tight and time consuming. I did a crochet chain (I think, I used a crochet hook to do it, whether or not it’s actually a crochet stitch is debatable) around the bottom and to separate the middle section from the top section. The i-cord, although tight, provides a good handle for pulling it down over my ears, which is handy.

I used this really pretty blue-green color of Reynolds Lopi that I only got a few weeks ago (who said that I have yarn sitting stagnant in my room, huh? I can use yarn quickly) and some mystery yarn that I used in conjunction with my first ever mittens (which, incidentally, I used Reynolds Lopi for those too). The mystery yarn is either Kidsilk Haze or Kid Seta. Either way, it’s lace weight, 70% mohair, 30% silk,25 grams, and 229-230 yards. I put that I used Kidsilk Haze on Ravelry, but, after looking at both yarns on Ravelry, I’m starting to think that it’s Kid Seta. Its label looks more familiar. Anyway, As it turns out, there was already a knitted pattern for this hat, but I didn’t use it. I guess that this is one example of great minds thinking alike.

All that I have left to knit on my pea coat is the right front. I’ve knit just past the first buttonhole. Thing is, Quigley just ate some of the yarn to it, because I left her in here unsupervised, for about five minutes (she was asleep when I left, but clearly, she wasn’t when I got back).


Anyway, that doesn’t really matter; I can just reattach the yarn. I’m just a tad worried about Quigley; that can’t be good for her, and I feel guilty when she gets her paws on some yarn. I seamed up the left side after I finished the left front. It looks fairly decent, although, when I was setting in the sleeves, I ran out of sleeve decreases long before I ran out of armhole decreases.

Which really stinks, even thought I kinda fixed it (I just seamed up the remaining armhole decreases with the straight sections of the sleeve) because I knit everything properly. How on earth did that happen? Is it supposed to be like that? The result of this is that I will never knit a pieced garment ever again. Seams are stupid anyway. And raglan sweaters just make more sense.


I finished my first glove the other day. The fingers weren’t really hard, but it was annoying keeping track of new charts and how many stitches I picked up, how many rows, ect. It’s a little bit tight. I hope to have the second glove and my pea coat finished before school starts.


I want to knit this sweater when I get my pea coat finished. I think I’ll try to keep my number of serious projects down to no more than three from now on. I can do one thing in sock yarn, one sweater, and maybe one other thing if I so desire. I’ll be making a pair of socks for dad whenever I finish the second glove.


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