I’m Making a Shirt


Before I talk about the shirt that I started making on Sunday, I’ll talk about some stuff that I’ve finished.

First off, I finished Dad’s sweater. I don’t have a picture of it finished yet, but I do have some pictures of it almost finished.



I also have some more pictures of my mittens.

Here are the sleeves of my pea coat:

Here’s the slipper that I made a long time ago. I finished the sole of the second one, but it’s bigger than the first. Oh well.

And that’s all the pictures that I have right now. I finished knitting my orange and yellow slippers, but they didn’t shrink much when I felted them. I’m going to eventually felt them again, but I think they’ll still be too big. Ah well. I can sew them up like elf shoes if I have to.

Okay, so on to the the reason for the title of this post.  On Sunday, I started making a cotton shirt without a pattern. It’s coming along reasonably well for now, considering I’m not using a pattern. It’s stockinette stitch on the top, and lacy on the bottom. I’m making it so that I can wear it on top of tank  tops without getting too hot.

Well, I should probably go see if it’s dry enough to mow yet.


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