Squee! Pictures! And No More School!

Well, I finished my first semester of college on Thursday. I sold most of my books back for $153. My grades are looking good so far; I have an A in Psychology, Human Ecology, and Chemistry(!) and a B in English.

Yesterday I took a bunch of pictures of yarn and knitting. I’ll put some of them here, but every time I attempt to upload a picture, the little box pops up and I have to click “allow” at least 5 times before it’ll let me upload anything.


This is my cowl.


A baby slipper, modeled by Alice (pronounced a-lease), my MyTwinn doll.


Mirror, mirror on the quilt…


The back of my headband; isn’t that button pretty?


These’ll be slippers once I finish and felt them.


Sweater for Papa.


My spindle. Guess what I’m spinning.


Mermaid Lagoon



Sock yarn

This is my very first hand spun yarn. It’s Jacob wool, and about 16 yards.


4 thoughts on “Squee! Pictures! And No More School!

  1. This is actually a test comment, to see if my gravatar is correct. I am glad you have finals over with. Just two weeks from today you will officially graduate from high school. Yeah! After you get back from Inspire, you will officially be out of the Youth Group, then real life begins.

  2. I really like your handspun. How did you learn to spin? I’m thinking of learning to spin myself, over the summer. It’s something that I’ve wanted to get into for quite sometime and I’ll finally have money to support my hobbies over the summer.

    • I bought a spindle at a fiber festival, and I watched the lady there spin and I read the instructions that came with the spindle. I’m not very good yet.

  3. awwww, I wanna be done with school!!! Congradulations!!!!! I’m thinking about taking up spinning myself this summer. . . . any suggestions?

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