I’m Going on a Trip

It is currently 11:06 pm. I need to wake up tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning, because we’re leaving the house at 6:40, and I want to be absolutely certain that I’ve packed everything that I need. We should be leaving the church at 7:30, and then it’s an almost eight hour drive to Montgomery, Alabama. I started knitting the sleeve of my pea-coat the other day, so I’ll work on that on the way there and back. I don’t know who I’ll be rooming with, because I didn’t sign up with anyone. I think that’s kinda stupid to make us sign up with who we want to room with. I don’t care who I room with. In fact, the only reason that I signed the rooming list at all was because that was also the t-shirt list, and I didn’t want to be stuck with an XXXXXL shirt. The trip should be fun. I spent the majority of today preparing for it. I finished packing, finished the scrapbook pages for last year’s Inspire, and finished my second mitten. I wanted to have it out of the way so that I will have one less project to have to finish when I get back. I need to print out a few more thank you cards and put them in our little mail basket. After I do that, I think I’m going to go on to bed, so that I won’t be too tired tomorrow. You can expect another post no earlier than June 4, but I probably won’t get around to it until the 7th.


Senior Trip, Baccalaureate, and Graduation

Hannah’s Senior Trip

On Tuesday, I packed and left for the bank. I deposited a few checks, then I drove to the church building. Everyone else got there, then we left at about 3:30ish. Dad was at the gas station that we stopped at, so I said bye to him. Then we drove on and on to Pigeon Forge. There wasn’t much traffic. I brought my mitten to work on while riding up there. We got to our exit, and there was very little traffic. It didn’t take us very long to get through the town. We ate at the Apple Barn, and I had trout. Then we went out side and took a lot of pictures. After that, we stopped at the hotel, which had an empty parking lot, to drop our stuff off and to pick up coupons from the lobby. Then we went to Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf. I got a hole in one on one hole. Then we went back to the hotel and had a devotional and ate our desserts from supper. Then I took a shower and went to bed. Wednesday morning, we ate breakfast in the lobby, then went to a go-kart/mini golf place. The lady gave us a good deal. We played a round of golf (I can’t remember if I got a hole in one on this one), then chilled for a while, then did two different go-kart courses. After that we played arcade games. I determined that I’m awful at the luck games and okay at the skill games. The only thing is, ski-ball didn’t give very many tickets. Ah well. I cashed in my tickets for a mini Slinky for Quigley and a tiny lizard. After we left there, we drove up to Gatlinburg, where we experienced some traffic, but it was due to construction, not lots and lots of cars. Wetook a picture next to the giant marble ball, and then we ate at Pizza Hut. Then we started driving back home, but we stopped at Sonic first. We arrived at the church building just as the vans that pick up from the schools were getting there. It was a fun trip.

Baccalaureate (Which, in case you were wondering, I don’t know how to spell. I’ve been looking at the program so that I get it right.)

Thursday, Mom got home and told me what time it was, and I realized that I didn’t have much time for Baccalaureate. So I got my dress on, and I took my graduation gown and hung int in my car. Then I stopped to get gas, which I have never done while wearing a dress before. Then I got to Avery Trace, put on my gown, and waited for a little while. Then we all walked in, and I sat next to the other Hannah. The service was good, but a little unusual. I was counting on them giving us Bibles, but they cave us each a mini book with Cd’s instead. After it was over, we had refreshments, and then I left.


Today was the big day! Mom took some pictures of me in my graduation geddup before I left. I got there around 8:10, then I waited for them to take the picture of the honors diploma graduates. Then everyone waited outside for a really long time. Then we had to line up. Next to the windows. Wearing navy blue gowns. It was purty hot. Then we finally got to go down several stairs and wait in the tunnel. Then we got to walk! I didn’t see my parents, but that’s okay. It took forever for everyone to get there, and we had to stand the whole time. Then we had to keep on standing for the JROTC to put the flags up. Then we got to sit down. Then there was a whole bunch of rigamaroll, then we started walking across the stage. And I was 7th! Then I had to sit through the rest of the 472 people. Then we got to move our tassels and throw our hats, which I lost. Hopefully I’ll get it and the tassel back at project graduation. Which is tonight. I should probably take a nap so that I won’t be sleepy while driving home.

Even More Pictures

Here are some more pictures.

First, A hat. The pattern is Fern Glade, but I edited the pattern to match my gauge. I used the pink skein of Dolcetto that I bought at Joann in Knoxville.

These are my first socks. I like the first to pictures, because it looks like a desert. It’s not, it’s just my garden.

Mom’s mitten.

Let’s pretend we’re in italy. I took that picture near one of our grapevines.

This was going to be a Sonnet, but I turned it into a blanket for my cat.

And I’ll just say this so that I don’t get arrested or anything. All these picture came from MY flikr page, as are all the pictures in the most recent post and some of the pictures in the one before that. Here’s a link to it, because apparently the community guidelines say that pictures from flikr need to link back to the flikr page. I guess I get why they want that, but why do they even have the option of not linking to it if they don’t want you to do that? Well, I’m not going to go back and fix it, because they are MY pictures. I’m not stealing anything.

I went to a senior meeting today, and I got my honors drape ant top ten percent cord. And ice cream. And I bought a ticket for Project Graduation. It’s this thing that they have so that you don’t go out and get drunk after graduation. And if you leave before 5 am (yes, am) they’ll call your parents. Which is kinda funny, because you’d think that most people will be asleep by then. I can just imagine the scenario:

(At 3:00 in the morning, the phone rings, waking up a parent)

Parent: What?

School official: Your kid’s leaving Project Graduation.

Parent: Okay.

School Official: We just wanted to let you know so that if she’s not home soon, you’ll know that she’s out getting drunk.

Parent: Okay, I’ll keep that in mind while I go back to sleep.

More Pictures-I Just Love Being Out of School

Wednesday, I took some pictures of my knitting. Here you go.



Pictures of my Jaywalkers, as promised (I did promise pictures, didn’t I? If not, oh well. You get them anyway).






Mirror, Mirror, on the cat. And yes, I know I used that pun in the last post. I only have one mitten knitted so far. It’s a little tight.

So that’s all the pictures that you get today. I’m too lazy to add the rest right now. I’ll put them up tomorrow. Or Sunday.

I finished the second sleeve on Dad’s sweater, and have knitted an entire two rows of the yoke.

I need to fill out job applications. In case you’re curious, I’m applying to Food Lion, Walgreen’s, Bath and Body Works, Books-a-Million, Pet-Co, and Old Navy. Basically, half the stores in Jackson Plaza. I need four references for Bath and Body Works, but I only have two so far, so I guess I’ll finish my application to there later.

Squee! Pictures! And No More School!

Well, I finished my first semester of college on Thursday. I sold most of my books back for $153. My grades are looking good so far; I have an A in Psychology, Human Ecology, and Chemistry(!) and a B in English.

Yesterday I took a bunch of pictures of yarn and knitting. I’ll put some of them here, but every time I attempt to upload a picture, the little box pops up and I have to click “allow” at least 5 times before it’ll let me upload anything.


This is my cowl.


A baby slipper, modeled by Alice (pronounced a-lease), my MyTwinn doll.


Mirror, mirror on the quilt…


The back of my headband; isn’t that button pretty?


These’ll be slippers once I finish and felt them.


Sweater for Papa.


My spindle. Guess what I’m spinning.


Mermaid Lagoon



Sock yarn

This is my very first hand spun yarn. It’s Jacob wool, and about 16 yards.

Finals Stink.

Yeah. I need to study, especially for chemistry. Thing is, I really don’t want to. All I can say is that in 3 days I can officially quit worrying about school. I don’t really have any ka-news on the ka-nitting front, except that I finished the first sleeve on Dad’s sweater. Yay. I’ll put up some pictures of everything eventually. I don’t really have anything else to say, so bye.