I Think Feel More Like a College Student Now

So, as some of you may know, I graduated early. Meaning, Last semester I was a high school senior; I took English for two periods a day and I took both government and economics that semester, instead of taking one in the fall and one in the spring like everyone else. This semester, I’m not in high school. I’m in college. Not because I have to be, but because I chose to. Officially, I am and have been since last December, not a student at ____________ High School (I’m still kinda paranoid about telling where I live). I am, however, allowed to walk across the stage at graduation and go to prom if I wish (yes to the first, no to the second). So, today, after my chemistry class, I went to pick up my cap and gown. I was kinda looking forward to doing so, because there was the possibility that I might see people I know. After parking, I went into the office to pick up my visitor’s tag. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: (holding out my wallet so that my driver license is visible) I need a visitor’s pass.

Secretary: Where are you going?

Me: The lecture hall.

Secretary: Do pick up senior products?

Me: (nods)

Secretary: You can just go on in there.

So I went on in there, and I did see people I know, Alex and Samantha. As I was leaving after I got my things, I saw them (Alex and Samantha) going to their lockers. And That made me realize that I feel more like a college student than a high school student. Because high school students, after picking up something, go to their lockers and then back to class. College students, on the other hand, run their errands and then leave. As I was walking to my car, I  wondered if anyone thought that I was a student who was just leaving school and I wondered what I would do if someone asked me what I was doing. Then I realized that I could just say that I’m not a student here, that I graduated early was only picking up my cap and gown. And I believe that college takes some getting used to, and I’m just about used to it by now.

I finished my Jaywalker socks! After two months. They’re gorgeous and they it my feet perfectly. I’m also rereading the Charlie Bone books, because I got the newest one at the library book sale a few weeks ago, and I wanted everything to be fresh on my mind before I read it.

Anyone know of a good place to store my graduation gown until May 23? What with all the clutter in my closet, it’s too long to go in there. I’m hanging it on the curtain rod in my parents’ room, but I can’t keep it there indefinitely because The Quiginator will come and claw at it.


3 thoughts on “I Think Feel More Like a College Student Now

  1. Did it feel strange to be in the high school and you not a student? I always felt out of place when I had to go back. I really like your Jaywalker socks. You better was that Quiginator. She’s a pill!

  2. Wow, that must be strange. I know I’m going to feel weird when I graduate, never to go back to high school again, knowing that college is just around the bend.

    ….Hey, that rhymed. 😛

    Anyways, I have no idea where you could hang your cap and gown, but do beware of the cat! I have three, I know your fear!

  3. wow. do your high school proms suck too? sorry, I kinda got prom on the brain.

    anyway, that’s great you’re getting used to the college way of life early! the rest of us will have to catch up! (my freind graduated early, too, and she’s having a blast just filling out home-school credits and raising money for college. at least, I think she is.) That is so cool you got your driver’s license and everything! I’m so jealous! you are so ready! by the way, Post a pic of the jaywalker socks! we wanna see!

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