One Week, Three Days

I am so ready for summer, which starts in one week and three days. I have only three days of actual classes left (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) and then three days of exams next week. I have a lab quiz, a chemistry quiz, an English paper, some math homework, and some chemistry homework. And four exams to study for. I just hope that I do reasonably well.

I got an 85 on my most recent paper, which means that I will probably score a B in that class, unless I totally bomb this next paper. I don’t think I’ll be able to bring my grade up to an A, but that’s okay. I can raise my GPA up net semester. I better raise my GPA up next semester.

My birthday was last week. I received:

I think I might buy a knitting book or two with my birthday money. Any suggestions as to which ones? I have a few in mind, But I think I’d like to see the book before I order it (did I mention that Border’s gave me a 25% off coupon for my birthday?). I think I might go to Books-a-Million sometime to actually look at a few.

Sunday at church we were all sitting there singing. I saw a moving shadow at the top of the baptistery(behind the curtain). I thought to myself , "Huh. I didn’t know we had a fan in the baptistery." Then I saw the wing. Then I saw the whole bird fly out of the baptistery and over everyone’s heads. Apparently, the doors had been left open so that the carpet could dry out, and a bird flew in. A grackle, according to my dad. It flew around for a while, but I think someone herded it out.

I got my cap and gown pictures the other day. Now I need to send them to all my relatives. I’m going to this academic/honors banquet tonight. I don’t know if I need to dress up or not. Although I probably shouldn’t wear my holey jeans.


Another Post About my Week

On Friday I went to a fiber festival. We got there about an hour before it was over, so we didn’t have to pay. I got a spindle! It’s pretty. I already used up the practice roving, but it’s not very good. I’m going to practice some more on some fiberfill. Does anyone know of a website that sells inexpensive roving? I’d like to practice on something cheap, instead of mangling something expensive.

On Saturday Mom and I planted corn and Dad and I planted my carrots and cilantro. I also did a little bit of spinning and reading, and I gave Quigley a bath.

My birthday is on Wednesday! Yay! And I only have 9 more days of classes before exam week! I’m so so ready or the semester to be over with.

I have a few ideas for ka-nitting, but these are semi-good ideas, so I won’t talk about them in case I actually knit them and submit them to Knitty. I will say that one will require wool and the other will require a cotton blend.

I think I’m going to make a list of things that I would like to buy, so that when I acquire money (from saving, birthday, or if I get a job over the summer) I won’t be sitting there thinking “now, what did I want to buy?”

  • Enough Fisherman’s Woolfor my pea coat. This will probably be about 6 skeins, because I would like pockets. And maybe a hood, but that would probably require an extra skein. Depending on sale prices and coupons, anywhere from $32.40 to $54.
  • The pattern for my pea coat. $7.
  • Enough yarn for Pioneer. I’ll either use Knitpicks Shine Sport or Yarn Bee Snowflake. ‘Bout $20 either way.
  • A brown leather belt. I have my eye on a few. This one’s $14.95 and these two are each $29.50, which I think is just a little bit expensive.
  • A wallet. $15.
  • A new pair (or two) of the best flip flops in existence. I got some last year and I wore them all the time, but they broke after a short life of only 3 months. I thought that they didn’t make them anymore, but they do. $6.50
  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. $9.71

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff, such as music Cd’s, roving, random skeins of yarn, and the like. I guess I should start on my homework or do laundry. Bye.

I Think Feel More Like a College Student Now

So, as some of you may know, I graduated early. Meaning, Last semester I was a high school senior; I took English for two periods a day and I took both government and economics that semester, instead of taking one in the fall and one in the spring like everyone else. This semester, I’m not in high school. I’m in college. Not because I have to be, but because I chose to. Officially, I am and have been since last December, not a student at ____________ High School (I’m still kinda paranoid about telling where I live). I am, however, allowed to walk across the stage at graduation and go to prom if I wish (yes to the first, no to the second). So, today, after my chemistry class, I went to pick up my cap and gown. I was kinda looking forward to doing so, because there was the possibility that I might see people I know. After parking, I went into the office to pick up my visitor’s tag. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: (holding out my wallet so that my driver license is visible) I need a visitor’s pass.

Secretary: Where are you going?

Me: The lecture hall.

Secretary: Do pick up senior products?

Me: (nods)

Secretary: You can just go on in there.

So I went on in there, and I did see people I know, Alex and Samantha. As I was leaving after I got my things, I saw them (Alex and Samantha) going to their lockers. And That made me realize that I feel more like a college student than a high school student. Because high school students, after picking up something, go to their lockers and then back to class. College students, on the other hand, run their errands and then leave. As I was walking to my car, I  wondered if anyone thought that I was a student who was just leaving school and I wondered what I would do if someone asked me what I was doing. Then I realized that I could just say that I’m not a student here, that I graduated early was only picking up my cap and gown. And I believe that college takes some getting used to, and I’m just about used to it by now.

I finished my Jaywalker socks! After two months. They’re gorgeous and they it my feet perfectly. I’m also rereading the Charlie Bone books, because I got the newest one at the library book sale a few weeks ago, and I wanted everything to be fresh on my mind before I read it.

Anyone know of a good place to store my graduation gown until May 23? What with all the clutter in my closet, it’s too long to go in there. I’m hanging it on the curtain rod in my parents’ room, but I can’t keep it there indefinitely because The Quiginator will come and claw at it.

Just Some Random Info

Saturday we went to Knoxville because it was my dad’s birthday. I got some new shoes, a CD and, oh course, some yarn. I got some Patons Wool Merino in white and pink, and some Wool-Ease in orange. I’m going to knit Miitens out of the wool ease and maybe another Quant and an entrelac scarf out of the Patons wool.

I get to register for classes on Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll be able to work my schedule so that I won’t have any classes on Tuesdays, which would be nice. So ar, none of the class times that I want are full, so that’s good.

I’m on the heel of my second jaywalker sock. I can’t wait to get those finished. I started them in Feburary.

It was really cold today. Really cold. It snowed a little bit.

I got a 79 on my history test, which is reasonably good. I’ll need to get at least a 73 on the final in order to get a B. I think I’ll be able to do that. I’m also fairly certain that I’ll get an A in math, and I maybe just maybe will get an A in human ecology. I’ll probably end up with a B in both English and psychology, but I might be able to pull off an A in psychology. It depends on how well we did on our group project and how well I’ll do on the next two quizzes and the final. I’m not so sure about chemistry. I’m going to have to work hard, but I might be able to get a B. Hopefully that 100 on the test will help my grade out. So, if I get B’s in everything except math and human ecology, my GPA for the semester will be 3.235. Which isn’t too bad, bu I probably could’ve done better if i had worked a little harder towards the beginning of the semester. But, if I get an A in psychology, then my GPA will be 3.412, which is a lot better. And I’ll probably be able to bring it up to a 3.5 next semester, since I’ll be taking less classes.