Frankenknitting and Schedule Planning

Saturday I went to Goodwill and I found some nice wool stuff to rip out and knit with.


I got a zippered jacket that’s dark brown and 100% wool. I think I might just keep it as is, depending on how it fits. I didn’t try it on before I washed it, and its still kinda wet.


I also found a vest that’s 80% wool and 20% alpaca. It’s kinda light brown, and I’m thinking that I’ll knit a cabled scarf-mittens/gloves-hat set. I’m going to first knit Tilly from A Fine Fleece. I don’t know how much yarn I’ll have left over. If I have a substantial amount, I’ll probably knit Bella’s Mitts. Only without ribbed back of the hand like I did on the ones I made for mom. I really don’t think that I’ll have enough for a hat, but if I do, I think I’ll knit Bloody Stupid Johnson.

I have a history test Wednesday. I really should study for that. Advisement starts Thursday. I’m still kinda undecided on what I should take. Here’s what I want to take or the next two semesters.

  • World Literature (ENGL 2330)
  • Intro to Speech (SPCH 2410)
  • General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120)
  • American History II (HIST 2020)
  • Intro to Fibers (ART 2610)
  • Pre-calculus (MATH 1710)
  • Intro to Anthropology (ANTH 1100)
  • Intro to Biology I (BIOL 1010)
  • The Family System (HEC 2060)

There’s a few things I’m not sure about. 1.) Does Intro to Fibers count as a Humanities credit? 2.) Since I’m minoring in Biology, can I take Intro to Biology I, since it said non-Biology majors only? I know that this semester I’ll definately be taking:

  • World Literature (ENGL 2330)
  • General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120)
  • Pre-calculus (MATH 1710)

That’s 10 credits. If I take intro to Fibers (if I can even get in; there are only 12 spots), then I’ll only take 13 credits. If not, then I’ll take 15.

I should definately knit this for Mrs. Quigley.

My mom got a blog. It’s here.


6 thoughts on “Frankenknitting and Schedule Planning

  1. OoOoOoOo I enjoy the kitty hoodie. 😀

    and I’ve thought about recycling sweaters, but I have no sweaters to recycle. xD Is it hard to recycle the yarn?

  2. Wow! you’re so brave to go to goodwill! I work there, and I hate it. I tried to do the same with a sweater that was badly-knit, but alas, it felted.

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