Knitting Schedule

So I went back to school today after my all-to-short spring break. It wasn’t too bad. Except that my stomach hurt after history, so I got some Pepto-Bismol(is that spelled right?) from Walgreen’s and stayed home instead of going to math. But I felt better in time to go to chemistry.

I made myself a knitting schedule.

  • Slippers — Knit 1 square a week until school’s out. Then knit two or three a week until done. Finish by graduation.
  • Dad’s sleeves — Knit 2.5 inches an hour. Finish one before my birthday, finish other before Inspire.
  • Sock — Knit on weekends, finish by my birthday.
  • Mom’s slipper — Finish on a Saturday before the end of this month.
  • My sweater sleeves — Take my time, perhaps finish by end of June?
  • Yoke of Dad’s sweater — Finish by Father’s Day.

And I also have a list of what I want to knit over the summer.

  • Heroine — Fisherman’s Wool in either brown or gray. 6 skeins. $40 – $65 (depends on how many I can get using a coupon).
  • Pioneer— Knitpicks Shine Sport in Harbor. 8 skeins. $19.92.
  • Eclipse Socks — Birthday yarn (hopefully).
  • Endpaper Mitts — Birthday yarn (hopefully).
  • Mirror — Birthday yarn (hopefully).
  • Dad’s Socks — Heart & Sole.
  • Striped Socks — Serenity sock yarn.
  • Lace-up Opera Gloves— Red Patons wool.

I’d like to knit the coat on the way to inspire, since it takes 8 hours to get there and another 8 coming back,I’d like to be able to be working on something the entire time. Last year I brought a hat to knit, but I had most of it finished by the time we got there. Plus, I’d like to get big chunks of knitting out of the way for that coat, so that it doesn’t drag on. The only thing is, I’m not sure if I’ll have the money for the yarn and pattern by then. I might have just enough if I don’t buy anything for a while.

Well, I should probably go work on my English essay.


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