I Heart Spring Break.

Title says all. The only thing is, that Tech’s spring break is only one week. And it’s already almost over. I still have a lot of homework to do. Which stinks.

I’m almost finished with my first Jaywalker sock. And I started ka-nitting a pair of slippers. I hope they don’t end up too big. That’s the only thing about felting, you never know how big it will be. And speaking of felting, I found a pattern for a felted peacoat that I love! I’ll use fisherman’s wool to knit it. I probably won’t start until the summer, due to the massive amount of things that I need to finish and schoolwork. And I don’t have enough money to buy all that yarn ,and the pattern just yet.

I found Mom’s Peter Gabriel CD. It had fallen behind the drawer and was on the floor behind it. Ialso organized all of Mom’s CD’s while Iwas looking for it.


4 thoughts on “I Heart Spring Break.

  1. Peter Gabriel’s awesome 🙂 I don’t own any of his CDs, but I have some of his songs favourited on YouTube.

  2. Thank you again for organizing the CDs. Thank you for finding the Peter Gabriel CD. Do you remember the doll we bought you in 1st grade that had the CD with it? It was misplaced like it Peter Gabriel. It is amazing what you find when you pull out the drawers.

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