Reconnaissance Missions

I had a math test on Friday, and I got out of class early. Since I had an hour and a half until my next class, I decided to hit the town. First, I went to The Yarn Company to see if they had Rowan Scottish Tweed, which is what the pattern or Mom’s sweater calls for. They had it, and it was $17 a skein. Which, considering that the pattern calls for 10 skeins, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. Way out of it. So I felt other yarns to see what had the same consistency. Cascade Pastaza and Cascade Ecological wool felt about the same thickness, but they were a little expensive as well.

After that I went to the library. It was raining pretty hard when I got there, but by the time I finished my lunch, it wasn’t too bad. I placed a hold on Weekend Knitting, since its really overdue. I think I tried to place a hold on Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it from the book page; I only know how to place a hold from the search page.

Saturday we cleaned out the basement. It messed with my sinuses. I also started Tulip Toeson Friday. They’re for the next girl baby that there’s a shower at church. I figured that if I knit baby things when I want to, I’ll have a little stockpile to use when babies are actually born, instead of waiting until the last minute.

Today it was kinda chilly, so I wore that brown wool jacket that I thought about ripping out. It’s fairly warm, so I think I’ll just wear it as is. I also got some more use out of my Quant headband. I’ll have to say, the Quad at Tech is pretty. Green grass, red tulips, and little walkways are so much more aesthetically pleasing than the red brick buildings and gray asphalt that I see around Bruner, Foster, the library, and the parking lot.

After my Chemistry class, I got my registration code and time from my adviser, and I signed up for a time to meet with my English professor about my paper. Then I decided to do another reconnaissance mission at Hobby Lobby. Bad idea if you’re trying to not spend money. I ended up purchasing 2 skeins of Lion Wool. They’re pumpkin orange, so I’m not sure what I’ll use them for. But they were $2 each, so I guess I’ll figure that out later. I might knit Pumpkins with it. I also got a skein of black Red Heart Heart and Sole. I guess I’ll knit Mom’s socks out of it, but I’ll need to get another skein sometime. I guess I’ll just switch skeins every couple of rows so that the different dye lots won’t be noticeable. I also managed to obtain some knowledge whilst at Hobby Lobby. First off, I will be using the Nature’s Brown Fisherman’s wool for my pea coat. Second off. when did Yarn Bee become a connoisseur of wool? I thought that they just made novelty yarn. There were at least 4 different kinds of Yarn Bee yarn and each contained some wool. I wanna try them all! One was sport weight, and I might use it to knit my Pioneer top instead of the Knitpicks yarn. They also had sock yarn, which I must try, because I must try all affordable sock yarn.


Frankenknitting and Schedule Planning

Saturday I went to Goodwill and I found some nice wool stuff to rip out and knit with.


I got a zippered jacket that’s dark brown and 100% wool. I think I might just keep it as is, depending on how it fits. I didn’t try it on before I washed it, and its still kinda wet.


I also found a vest that’s 80% wool and 20% alpaca. It’s kinda light brown, and I’m thinking that I’ll knit a cabled scarf-mittens/gloves-hat set. I’m going to first knit Tilly from A Fine Fleece. I don’t know how much yarn I’ll have left over. If I have a substantial amount, I’ll probably knit Bella’s Mitts. Only without ribbed back of the hand like I did on the ones I made for mom. I really don’t think that I’ll have enough for a hat, but if I do, I think I’ll knit Bloody Stupid Johnson.

I have a history test Wednesday. I really should study for that. Advisement starts Thursday. I’m still kinda undecided on what I should take. Here’s what I want to take or the next two semesters.

  • World Literature (ENGL 2330)
  • Intro to Speech (SPCH 2410)
  • General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120)
  • American History II (HIST 2020)
  • Intro to Fibers (ART 2610)
  • Pre-calculus (MATH 1710)
  • Intro to Anthropology (ANTH 1100)
  • Intro to Biology I (BIOL 1010)
  • The Family System (HEC 2060)

There’s a few things I’m not sure about. 1.) Does Intro to Fibers count as a Humanities credit? 2.) Since I’m minoring in Biology, can I take Intro to Biology I, since it said non-Biology majors only? I know that this semester I’ll definately be taking:

  • World Literature (ENGL 2330)
  • General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120)
  • Pre-calculus (MATH 1710)

That’s 10 credits. If I take intro to Fibers (if I can even get in; there are only 12 spots), then I’ll only take 13 credits. If not, then I’ll take 15.

I should definately knit this for Mrs. Quigley.

My mom got a blog. It’s here.

Knitting Schedule

So I went back to school today after my all-to-short spring break. It wasn’t too bad. Except that my stomach hurt after history, so I got some Pepto-Bismol(is that spelled right?) from Walgreen’s and stayed home instead of going to math. But I felt better in time to go to chemistry.

I made myself a knitting schedule.

  • Slippers — Knit 1 square a week until school’s out. Then knit two or three a week until done. Finish by graduation.
  • Dad’s sleeves — Knit 2.5 inches an hour. Finish one before my birthday, finish other before Inspire.
  • Sock — Knit on weekends, finish by my birthday.
  • Mom’s slipper — Finish on a Saturday before the end of this month.
  • My sweater sleeves — Take my time, perhaps finish by end of June?
  • Yoke of Dad’s sweater — Finish by Father’s Day.

And I also have a list of what I want to knit over the summer.

  • Heroine — Fisherman’s Wool in either brown or gray. 6 skeins. $40 – $65 (depends on how many I can get using a coupon).
  • Pioneer— Knitpicks Shine Sport in Harbor. 8 skeins. $19.92.
  • Eclipse Socks — Birthday yarn (hopefully).
  • Endpaper Mitts — Birthday yarn (hopefully).
  • Mirror — Birthday yarn (hopefully).
  • Dad’s Socks — Heart & Sole.
  • Striped Socks — Serenity sock yarn.
  • Lace-up Opera Gloves— Red Patons wool.

I’d like to knit the coat on the way to inspire, since it takes 8 hours to get there and another 8 coming back,I’d like to be able to be working on something the entire time. Last year I brought a hat to knit, but I had most of it finished by the time we got there. Plus, I’d like to get big chunks of knitting out of the way for that coat, so that it doesn’t drag on. The only thing is, I’m not sure if I’ll have the money for the yarn and pattern by then. I might have just enough if I don’t buy anything for a while.

Well, I should probably go work on my English essay.

I Heart Spring Break.

Title says all. The only thing is, that Tech’s spring break is only one week. And it’s already almost over. I still have a lot of homework to do. Which stinks.

I’m almost finished with my first Jaywalker sock. And I started ka-nitting a pair of slippers. I hope they don’t end up too big. That’s the only thing about felting, you never know how big it will be. And speaking of felting, I found a pattern for a felted peacoat that I love! I’ll use fisherman’s wool to knit it. I probably won’t start until the summer, due to the massive amount of things that I need to finish and schoolwork. And I don’t have enough money to buy all that yarn ,and the pattern just yet.

I found Mom’s Peter Gabriel CD. It had fallen behind the drawer and was on the floor behind it. Ialso organized all of Mom’s CD’s while Iwas looking for it.