Pictures! Knitting Ideas! Hannah Not Complaining About College!

Hi guys! Okay, this was going to be a perky post,and it will be, but let me get some complaining out of the way. Either I’m not hitting the keys hard enough when I type, or several of my keys are messed up. Namely, a, f, 1, space, and sometimes n. So now you’ll know that “or” means “for” and that I’m not just typing run-on words whenmytypinglookslikethis. Okay. Complaining time’s over.
So, first off,here’s some pictures.
These are my first socks ever. Word of advice: They stretch out when machine washed. Which kinda defeats the purpose of superwash. But that’s okay. And boy, is my room messy.

This is going to be a
lace scarf. Someday. I probably should have waited until I had less projects on the needles before I started this. But it’ll be real pretty when I’m done with it. If I ever get a pattern published in Knitty, I’ll have a picture of me wearing this as the picture at the bottom of the page.

This is going to be a
Jaywalker sock. I’m on the heel for the second time, because I had messed up a little the first time, and because I finally learned how to purl correctly and I think it’d look better done properly.

This is my Quant. I still need to block it and sew on the buttons. Which I think I’ll do after I take my shower. It’s supposed to be cold, so maybe I can wear it tomorrow.

And here are mom’s
Bella’s mittens. I extended the ribbing to the palm, and made a flap on the right mitten. But the ribbing makes it a little cold.

And Dad’s sweater is coming along fine; I have five more inches before I start on the sleeves. It’s my TV and travel project. But my needle’s acting up. I’m using my Boye interchangeable set, but the plastic seems to be pulling away from the metal I think it’s because the sweater’s so heavy on it. I think I should put some clear packing tape on it now before it breaks off. But mom says that that would make my knitting sticky, and Dad says that I should just be careful until I get the sweater finished. The thing is, I really don’t want it to break, and I probably can’t be careful enough for the rest of the sweater. Maybe I’ll see if there’s a group on Ravelry about these interchangeable needles and see what people think there.
Thursday I started knitting a cowl and I wove in the ends this morning. Pictures to come. Maybe.
I’m also knitting sleeves on that vest I did a while back.
I’m knitting some slippers that were supposed to be for me,but they don’t fit my long narrow feet and so I’m going to give them to mom.
I really want to knit a coat. I’m fantasizing about a felted pea coat, but I’ve yet to see a pattern and I wouldn’t want to just wing it on something that big and expensive. I’ve been looking around on Ravelry for some patters for coats, not necessarily pea coats, but I’m still thinking. I know that I’ll knit it out of Fisherman’s Wool, because it is soft, and a lot cheaper than other wool, even if it only comes in plain colors. But, a coat’s supposed to match everything, so dark gray would be more suitable than bright blue or green or something like that. I also know that I’ll knit it big. A coat’s supposed to be worn over things, like bulky hoodies, so I’ll want it to be big. And, even though I really like the idea of a felted coat, if I knit at a tight gauge, it might look okay. Who knows, maybe, if I knit like a mad woman over the summer (which, I would do all year round, but unfortunately there’s something called school. Oops. That doesn’t count as complaining) then I might have a nice wool coat, pea or otherwise, to wear next winter when I’m gallivanting around campus.
And speaking of school, i have some non-complaining details about school to share. I made a 100 on the Chemistry test, thanks to a large curve. And I made an 85 on my English paper. And a 98 on my Statistics test, but I wasn’t worried about that since that class is the easiest thing since sliced bread. And I think I’m doing okay in Psychology and Human Ecology too. As for History, well, I’m not sure. We’ll get our tests back Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Pictures! Knitting Ideas! Hannah Not Complaining About College!

  1. Those socks look pretty 🙂 So does the Jaywalker.

    On the subject of keyboards, mine kept cutting out, so now I’m using my dad’s old keyboard.

  2. Sliced bread? Where did you get a saying like that ;). Take heart about school. It will be over the first week of May and you will get a long summer break. Hopefully you can take fewer classes this fall or maybe some easier classes.

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