I don’t like school.

So,the title says all. I’m not too fond of school. I have way too much homework,and I really don’t want to do it. I’m supposed to be finishing a paper that’s due Tuesday. And I have a History test Wednesday, which is one out of only 3 tests. And then I have a Chemistry test next Wednesday, and a midterm in Human Ecology next Friday. So, I haven’t had much time to blog, because I’ve been spending my free time knitting, on ravelry, playing solitaire, and rereading New Moon. Ok, so some of that was supposed to be homework time, but it turned into free time. I’ve made some progress on Dad’s sweater. I think that if I knit two rounds a day, I’ll be ready to work on the sleeves by spring break,which is in 3 weeks. I’m knitting some Jaywalkers socks. Oh yeah, I got addicted to knitting socks since I last blogged. Although this is only my second pair. I’m turning that vest into an actual sweater. And I’m working on a lace scarf. Right now, I’m in the nervous stage. I just want to get a grip on college. I either want to realize that I’m worrying too much about school,or that I’m not spending enough time studying. I think I need to see a bad grade before I’ll ever get my act together. Until then,It seems like I’ll be lazy. I know that I can spend more time studying. I did it my freshman year. I think it’s because I’m addicted to knitting. I want to get everything done, and I don’t focus enough on school. But I know there can be a way for me to do both. I just haven’t figured out the magic formula to time management yet.
Sorry if this post is filled with typos or grammar mistakes, I just typed and didn’t really preview.


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