Knitting Update

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting here of late. I guess I’m just trying to get my fill before I start college.
I knit the first Bella’s Mittens for my mom. I’m going to make a flap on the second one so that she won’t have to take off the entire mitten if she needs to grab something.
I’m also making the Edge-of Lace hat for mom to match her scarf. Have I said this before? I feel redundant. Maybe that’s just because I’ve said all this on Ravelry.
I finished the ribbing on Dad’s Saranac sweater. I think I’ll take that to knit on the way to and from EU.
And when I get finished with it (which won’t happen for a while) I’ll start knitting Thermal for myself. I’m not quite sure what yarn I’ll use. I was thinking maybe I’ll use two strands of crochet cotton held together. O maybe I’ll use some solid colored sock yarn.
Yesterday I made some progress on my hot pink smock/babydoll top/maternity shirt looking thingy. I think, if I don’t do short rows for the center 3 repeates, it won’t look like a maternity shirt.
I think I’ll dye my Fisherman’s Wool tomorrow. I wound it around the coffee table the other day so that I can dye it.
Unreleated to knitting, I got my hair trimmed today. Then I went to Rugged Warehouse and got a shirt. It has penguins on it!


3 thoughts on “Knitting Update

    • I ripped it out. It would have either looked wierd or like a maternity shirt. I might start all over now that I know how to purl correctly.

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