Winter Cleaning

I cleaned out the top shelf of my bookshelf today! Yay! The other two shelves are nowhere near as messy, so it’ll be a lot easier cleaning those. And then I have the rest of my ridiculusly messy room to clean. It’ll take a while.
I’m knitting Bella’s Mittens for my mom. They’re really pretty. I almost want to keep them for myself. I think I might make some armwarmers or myself using that cable pattern, which looks like pliers.
I bought some Fisherman’s Wool the other day when it was on sale. I also bought some kool-aid to dye it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dye some of it soon.
I start Tech in a few days. Bleh. At least I don’t have to go back to highschool tomorrow. This winter break seems too long to be a short break, but too short to be like summer break.


One thought on “Winter Cleaning

  1. I’m so envious that you can get Fisherman’s Wool! I can’t seem to find it at Michaels here, and I don’t know of any other local craft store that sells Lion Brand yarn 😦

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