How’s College?

It’s… ok. I definately think I’ll take fewer hours next semester. And I’ll try to not have hour long breaks between my classes. But, I won’t be registering or a while, so I’ll quit talking about that and start talking about how my classes are going now.

  • American History I (2010)-Not too bad of a class, but there is a lot to read. I should be doing that right now, but I’m not. The teacher can talk a little quietly at times. Oh, and there are only 3 tests in the entire semester. And I need to get at least a 90 on each on in order to get an A.
  • Elementary Probability and Statistics (1530)-Seems like it’ll be easier than my other classes. There will be quizzes and tests and homework, so it will probably be more like a high school class than my other classes.
  • General Chemistry I (1110)-Ugh. Seems hard. The teacher cusses a lot. doesn’t look like an easy class.
  • General Psychology (2010)-Seems interesting, I don’t know if it’ll be hard or not.
  • Writing II (1020)-Write 4 papers…ugh. I guess I’ll just slosh my way through. I really don’t like writing.
  • Intro to the Profession (1000)-Erm, I want to be a dietitian. I don’t really care about the aspects of housing or clothes or how families get along. Just tell me about food and how it affects the body and how much you should eat and what happens if you don’t eat right. I could care less about Human Ecology and all the stuff that goes along with it. This class makes me feel like I picked the wrong major.

On a more positive note, I was re-baptized at EU last weekend!

Related to knitting, I like toe up socks. I think I’ve decided how I’ll spend the next four years: knit socks during my free time during the semester, then knit garments and accessories like crazy during the school breaks.


Another Knitting Update

I dyed my Fisherman’s wool yesterday and today. Yesterday I dyed some yelow, and today I dyed some orange. Some tips about dyeing with Kool-Aid:

  • Yellow Kool-Aid won’t work. Just use food coloring.
  • 3 packets of orange Kool-Aid opened at the same time smell gross. Like orange medicine. Yuch.
  • If you’re dying as much as I did, you should add food coloring too.

I finished my lunchbox a while back, but I don’t think I ever posted pictures. Here they are.

I finished Mom’s mittens yesterday, but I can’t take pictures of them because she wore them to work today.

EU is this weekend! I’m excited. I’m not sure how many people are going, but it’ll be a good trip. I’ll bring Dad’s sweater to knit on the ride there and back. I’ll probably get a lot done; it’s a 4 hour drive to get there.

I made a hat for my mom.

I finished knitting my Quant today! I still need to block it and sew on the button, because I didn’t have enough yarn for the i-cords. Pictures to come.

This will probably be the last time I post for a while, since I start classes Thursday and I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

Knitting Update

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting here of late. I guess I’m just trying to get my fill before I start college.
I knit the first Bella’s Mittens for my mom. I’m going to make a flap on the second one so that she won’t have to take off the entire mitten if she needs to grab something.
I’m also making the Edge-of Lace hat for mom to match her scarf. Have I said this before? I feel redundant. Maybe that’s just because I’ve said all this on Ravelry.
I finished the ribbing on Dad’s Saranac sweater. I think I’ll take that to knit on the way to and from EU.
And when I get finished with it (which won’t happen for a while) I’ll start knitting Thermal for myself. I’m not quite sure what yarn I’ll use. I was thinking maybe I’ll use two strands of crochet cotton held together. O maybe I’ll use some solid colored sock yarn.
Yesterday I made some progress on my hot pink smock/babydoll top/maternity shirt looking thingy. I think, if I don’t do short rows for the center 3 repeates, it won’t look like a maternity shirt.
I think I’ll dye my Fisherman’s Wool tomorrow. I wound it around the coffee table the other day so that I can dye it.
Unreleated to knitting, I got my hair trimmed today. Then I went to Rugged Warehouse and got a shirt. It has penguins on it!

Winter Cleaning

I cleaned out the top shelf of my bookshelf today! Yay! The other two shelves are nowhere near as messy, so it’ll be a lot easier cleaning those. And then I have the rest of my ridiculusly messy room to clean. It’ll take a while.
I’m knitting Bella’s Mittens for my mom. They’re really pretty. I almost want to keep them for myself. I think I might make some armwarmers or myself using that cable pattern, which looks like pliers.
I bought some Fisherman’s Wool the other day when it was on sale. I also bought some kool-aid to dye it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dye some of it soon.
I start Tech in a few days. Bleh. At least I don’t have to go back to highschool tomorrow. This winter break seems too long to be a short break, but too short to be like summer break.