It’s been such a long time…

…Since I’ve blogged. I have pictures of knitting!

These are the Cinderella socks. They turned out too big for me, but mom says that they fit her. I’ll probably give them to her eventually. I like the picture with Mrs. Quigley. That wasn’t intentional, she just happened to be walking by as I was taking the picture.

I finished Mrs. Darcy. I made it shorter, and it’s a without sleeves, so it’s a short vest.

I got a ravelry account, so I’ve been on there a lot here lately. I’m knitting Saranac for my dad. I have a grand total of 3 rounds knit. It’s going to take a while. I’m also knitting Brown Bag so that I can have sometihing to carry my lunch in when I start college.

Christmas was last week. Mom and Dad gave me

  • Knit To Be Square
  • Beyond Basic Knitting
  • cable holders
  • point protectors
  • a yarn cutter thingy
  • $15 to be used at Yarn Company
  • a shower radio
  • interchangable needle set (yay!)
  • thimbles for stranded knitting
  • candy
  • a couple of keychains
  • a highlighter
  • subscriptions to Knit Simple, Interweave Knits, and Vogue Knitting
  • $20 that I used to buy rainboots
  • fuzzy socks

Reuben gave me

  • Hollywood Knits Style

Grandma gave me

  • $10 that I used in conjunction with th money from mom to buy rainboots

At the gift swap we did at Aunt Barbara’s house, I got

  • A brown knit hat that’s pretty cute
  • A brown purse

I also got some pretty hair chopsticks made form camel bone from David Walker, which he got when he was in Africa, and a trial size perfume (that smells really good) from Aunt Barbara.

I’m almost finished with the New Testament for my 2008 Bible reading. I just have 13 more chapters of Revelation, and 11 more chapters of Romans. I know that I still have about 6 months of Old Testement left, but I think that I can finish it by my birthday.


2 thoughts on “It’s been such a long time…

  1. You will have to give me those slippers, since you have not said so for all the world to see! Mrs. Quigley is sooooo cuter in this picture. She has grown alot since it was taken.

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