So……. Close…..

So. Today was supposed to be my last day of school. EVER. But no. Stupid weather. It didn’t even snow, but we had to go to school two hours late anyway. And since they wouldn’t let us take our honors exams today (because they’re “comprehensive” and apparently we’re too stupid to take them in 37minutes), I’ll have to come back on Thursday. Which is grossly unfair. And I only have to come one day. It really stinks for the people who have to come both days.

Well, enough complaining about school. I started the second Cinderella scok last night, because, eventhough it looks bak, I could still wear themaround the house. I brought them to school, and sincewe didn’t do anything in 1st-5th, I was able to knit two repeates of the chart. I’m a few rows past the toe right now. Hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow. Then on Thursday, after I take my exams, I could work on the hot pink smockish thing that I’m working on. Then, instead of finishing either Mrs. Darcy or Sonnet, I’ll probably start knitting Brown Bag. Or I could make a pair of real socks, because…

We went to Nashville on Saturday. I got a purse at the Bath and Body Works outlet store in Lebenon. I also got some really cute sock yarn at Joann in Mt. Juliet. It’s red, white, and blue, and it forms a nifty pattern when knit up. I also bought an ELO CD at The Great Escape. I was going to use a coupon to get a stuffed animal lamb at B+BW in Opry Mills, but there was a ridiculusly long line, so I decided to wait until Sunday to get it at home. As we were leaving the food court, I saw some people from Dove handing out free samples of body spray, so I got that and a coupon. Which I doubt I’ll use, because, let’s face it, I have enough body sprays to last me through grad school. Why should I buy more, even ifit is $0.75 off?


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