It’s been such a long time…

…Since I’ve blogged. I have pictures of knitting!

These are the Cinderella socks. They turned out too big for me, but mom says that they fit her. I’ll probably give them to her eventually. I like the picture with Mrs. Quigley. That wasn’t intentional, she just happened to be walking by as I was taking the picture.

I finished Mrs. Darcy. I made it shorter, and it’s a without sleeves, so it’s a short vest.

I got a ravelry account, so I’ve been on there a lot here lately. I’m knitting Saranac for my dad. I have a grand total of 3 rounds knit. It’s going to take a while. I’m also knitting Brown Bag so that I can have sometihing to carry my lunch in when I start college.

Christmas was last week. Mom and Dad gave me

  • Knit To Be Square
  • Beyond Basic Knitting
  • cable holders
  • point protectors
  • a yarn cutter thingy
  • $15 to be used at Yarn Company
  • a shower radio
  • interchangable needle set (yay!)
  • thimbles for stranded knitting
  • candy
  • a couple of keychains
  • a highlighter
  • subscriptions to Knit Simple, Interweave Knits, and Vogue Knitting
  • $20 that I used to buy rainboots
  • fuzzy socks

Reuben gave me

  • Hollywood Knits Style

Grandma gave me

  • $10 that I used in conjunction with th money from mom to buy rainboots

At the gift swap we did at Aunt Barbara’s house, I got

  • A brown knit hat that’s pretty cute
  • A brown purse

I also got some pretty hair chopsticks made form camel bone from David Walker, which he got when he was in Africa, and a trial size perfume (that smells really good) from Aunt Barbara.

I’m almost finished with the New Testament for my 2008 Bible reading. I just have 13 more chapters of Revelation, and 11 more chapters of Romans. I know that I still have about 6 months of Old Testement left, but I think that I can finish it by my birthday.


A bunch of random paragraphs that don’t really have anything to do with each other

I’m an alumnus! I have been since Thursday, but I didn’t have anything else important to say, so I didn’t post anything until now. I brought the sleeve of Mrs. Darcy to work on after the Econ exam, and Brittany and April seemed to be fascinated by it.
I finally finished the second Cinderella sock, but I don’t have any pictures yet. They’re a bit big, but my feet are pretty warm, so i guess it doesn’t matter.
3 days until Christmas! It’s supposed to be around 50 degrees, which is good because I’m hating the cold. According to Mom, it was 8 degrees this morning. When I checked the temp around 10:30ish, it was 16 degrees. When the temperature is lower than my age, there’s a problem. And when I’m 90, I’ll probably be saying that there’s a problem when the temp is higher than my age.
Mrs. Quigley, my cat, is adorable. She has several different moods, including playful, attack-cat, sleeping, tired-but-fighting-sleep, and nursing. Yup, she likes to nurse on or hands. And clothing. It feels pretty weird. Right now, she’s next to my laptop purring. By the way, she chewed through one of the strands of Christmas lights the other day, so now we’re trying to keep her out from underneath the tree while the light are on, so that she doesn’t get electrocuted or anything. She’ll be in for a surprise on Christmas day.
I’m thinking about getting some rain boots.

So……. Close…..

So. Today was supposed to be my last day of school. EVER. But no. Stupid weather. It didn’t even snow, but we had to go to school two hours late anyway. And since they wouldn’t let us take our honors exams today (because they’re “comprehensive” and apparently we’re too stupid to take them in 37minutes), I’ll have to come back on Thursday. Which is grossly unfair. And I only have to come one day. It really stinks for the people who have to come both days.

Well, enough complaining about school. I started the second Cinderella scok last night, because, eventhough it looks bak, I could still wear themaround the house. I brought them to school, and sincewe didn’t do anything in 1st-5th, I was able to knit two repeates of the chart. I’m a few rows past the toe right now. Hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow. Then on Thursday, after I take my exams, I could work on the hot pink smockish thing that I’m working on. Then, instead of finishing either Mrs. Darcy or Sonnet, I’ll probably start knitting Brown Bag. Or I could make a pair of real socks, because…

We went to Nashville on Saturday. I got a purse at the Bath and Body Works outlet store in Lebenon. I also got some really cute sock yarn at Joann in Mt. Juliet. It’s red, white, and blue, and it forms a nifty pattern when knit up. I also bought an ELO CD at The Great Escape. I was going to use a coupon to get a stuffed animal lamb at B+BW in Opry Mills, but there was a ridiculusly long line, so I decided to wait until Sunday to get it at home. As we were leaving the food court, I saw some people from Dove handing out free samples of body spray, so I got that and a coupon. Which I doubt I’ll use, because, let’s face it, I have enough body sprays to last me through grad school. Why should I buy more, even ifit is $0.75 off?

There’s an epidemic of Senioritis among the early graduates. Can we get out for sickness?

I am so, so, so ready to get out of school. 5 more days of suffering. How can I make it through? I have too much homework and studying and church stuff to doo. It’s like the whole world is bombarding me with everything in a span of 120 hours (last Saturday through tomorrow. My stress levels should go down after that).
About knitting, I finished the first Cinderella, but I’m probably not going to make the second because I don’t like the way it fits and the provisional cast on made no sense whatsoever.

And look what else managed to make its way onto my needles?

That would be a sleeve of the Mrs. Darcy sweater that I probably don’t have enough yarn for.
Well, I’ve probably wasted enough time already. I should go back to writing my Hamlet essay.

On the needles…

I don’t know if there’s a name for it, but I seem to have this knitter’s disease. I can’t knit one thing at a time. I always have four or five, at the very least three, projects going at the same time. Let me start with the most recent projects

  • A smockish shirt thing that I just made up. No pattern,so I don’t know how it will turn out. It’s cotton and hot pink. Well, maybe not quite hot pink, but bright pink.
  • Cinderella. Except, it doesn’t look anything like the picture in the pattern. I’m using the brand of wool called for in the pattern, only in dark red. I’m almost done with the first one.
  • Sonnet. In light blue Red Heart acrylic. The only thing is, I didn’t measure my gague properly, so it’s too big. I’m going to try to adjust it so that it isn’t enormous.

I also have a few projects that I started and probably won’t ever finish

  • A garter-stitch scarf that I started in 5th grade when I first learned how to knit. I doubt I’ll ever finish it because it’s not that pretty.
  • A washcloth. Cotton, of course, and navy blue. I’m probably a little less than halfway done with it, but I have more importhant things to knit.
  • A the second of a pair of thigh warmers that I was working on a while back. I doubt I’ll ever finish it because how useful are thigh warmers anyway? Although it did seem like a good idea at the time.
  • A felted clutch made of mitered squares sewn together. Made with the wool that I dyed and some green wool that I did not dye. The only reason that I started this was becauseI didn’t have anything else to do on the way back from Inspire. I do think I might finish this someday, after I’ve knit everything else that I want to knit. And after I find my size 8 dpns.
  • A sock that I was making from sock yarn with a pattern. They turned out to be too big. I haven’t actually ripped it out yet, but I took out the needles to knit something else.
  • The sweater that I started on my knitting machine for my dad. I turned out to be waaay to big, so I’ll probably need to rip it out and start all over. But I should finish it, because he paid for the yarn.

And, of course, I must list the things that I want to knit but haven’t actually started yet.

  • A felted blanket/mat for Mrs. Quigley. She is my new kitten! I think that felting whatever I make for her will be good so that her claws won’t get caught in the stitches. I’ll probably use the two skeins of Caron Felt-It (Rose Garden) that I used for the purse I felted.
  • This sweater, which I would love to knit with this yarn. The only problem is, the pattern calls for 900 yards and I only have about 656 yards of the purple and 131 of the pink. So even if I used them both, withthe pink as an edging orsomething, I would still be 112 yards short. Which really stinks, because I wouldn’t want to knit the sweater with wool, and I can’t think of something else to use the yarn for.
  • A ponch-type sweater made with 3 shades of blue wool. I don’t have this yarn yet, because I’m either going to make this or the one above. And i haven’t exactly figured out the pattern yet. But I can see it in myhead and it looks pretty good.
  • Gloves, mittens, or a scarf made with the grayish wool-ease that I got the other day.
  • Gloves or a pair of socks that actually fit me made with the sock yarn mentioned above.
  • And a bunch of other stuff made with all my other yarns.